Food Culture Difference

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题 目 浅析中西饮食文化的差异
英文题目 Differences Between Chinese
and Western Food Culture

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Food plays an irreplaceable role in the development of society and the progress of human civilization. It is an essential prerequisite for human existence. However, different nations have different food and food habits. That is because they have different culture, especially food culture. Only within the context of each individual culture can food and food habits be best understood. This thesis expounds the important function of food culture between different countries’ cultural communication by analyzing Chinese and Western food culture. By examining these differences, we can improve our ability in cultural communication. Food culture is a special cultural phenomenon. By the process of people’s studies, people know food culture from one side to the study of different culture backgrounds, customs and historical environments. This thesis endeavors to analyze the cultural differences and their root causes in Chinese and Western food cultures from the perspective of concept, etiquette and content, and points out that with the development of cross-cultural communication, more communication and interaction will arise between Chinese and western food cultures and they will develop together.

Key words: value conception; feature; etiquette; Chinese food culture; western food culture (注意:关键词3-5个,词与词之间用英文的分号隔开,最后一个关键词不需加标点;除专有名词外,其他单词首字母不大写;如需换行的,可用悬挂缩进或手工换行的方法,使第二行与上一行的第一个关键词对齐。)

摘 要

饮食作为人类生存的必要前提在人类社会的发展和文明进步中起着无可替代的作用。然而不同民族的饮食或饮食习惯却各不相同。这是由于不同的民族有着不同的文化。只有在各自的文化中,人们才能更好地理解其饮食内容和饮食习惯。 本文通过中西方对饮食的不同理解的分析,阐述了深刻了解不同国家的饮食文化在跨文化交际中的重要性。通过对这些不同点的掌握,可增强我们跨文化交际的能力,促进跨文化交际的顺利进行。 饮食是一种独特的文化现象。随着研究的深入,人们也从原先对饮食的单方面了解扩展到对中西不同文化背景、风俗习惯和历史环境等方面的研究。本文着重探讨和分析中国与英国等西方国家在饮食观念、饮食特点、饮食内容和宴会礼仪等方面的文化差异,以揭示导致饮食文化差异的深层次原因,并进一步指出随着跨文化交际的不断发展,中西饮食文化将不断的进行交流和互补,并会得到共同发展。

关键词:价值观;特点;礼仪;中国饮食文化;西方饮食文化 (中文摘要的内容和关键词应与英文摘要相对应,关键词3-5个,词与词之间用中文的分号隔开,最后一个关键词不需加标点;如需换行的,可用悬挂缩进或手工换行的方法,使第二行与上一行的第一个关键词对齐。)


摘 要ii
1. Introduction1
2. Different Values in Chinese and Western Food Culture1
2.1 Collectivism in Chinese food culture1
2.1.1 Collective orientation1
2.1.2 Collective orientation in Chinese food culture2 2.2 Individualism in western food culture2
2.2.1 Individualistic orientation2
2.2.2 Individualistic orientation in western food culture3 3. Different Features in Chinese and Western Food Culture3
3.1 Extravagance in Chinese3
3.2 Simplicity in western food culture3
4. Different Etiquette in Chinese and Western Food Culture4 4.1 Different time-conceptions in Chinese and western food culture4 4.1.1 “M-time” and “P-time”4
4.1.2 Lateness in Chinese food culture4
4.1.3 Punctuality in western food culture5
4.2 Different seating arrangement5
4.2.1 The south and north seating arrangement in Chinese food culture5 4.2.2 The right and left seating arrangement in western food culture6 5. Different Consents in Chinese and Western Food Culture6

5.1 Different drink in Chinese and western food culture6 5.1.1 Liquor and tea in Chinese food culture6
5.1.2 The wine and beer in western countries7
5.2 Different main food in Chinese and western food culture7 5.3 Different banquet course in Chinese and western food culture8 5.3.1 Banquet course in China8
5.3.2 Banquet course in western food culture8
5.4 Different tableware in Chinese and western food culture9 5.4.1 Chopsticks in Chinese food culture9
5.4.2 Fork and knife in western food culture9
5.5 Different cuisine naming10
5.5.1 Cuisine naming in China10
5.5.2 Cuisine naming in western food culture11
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