Food Crisis Resolvement

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  • Published : April 28, 2013
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Case Focus: Food Crisis in Sri Lanka

Submitted by: Shyam Hari (JSIA 2012-2014)

What is food Crisis?. A Food Crisis can be defined as an extreme and protracted shortage of food, resulting in widespread hunger and a substantial increase in the death rate. Agriculture in Sri Lanka: Agriculture in Sri Lanka mainly depends on Rice production.Sri Lanka also exports some quantity of rice every year.Sri Lankan government has setup the Department of Agriculture – Sri Lanka (DOASL).The Department main functions are research, extension, seed and planting material production, regulatory services, plant quarantine, soil conservation, registration of pesticides. Food Crisis in Sri Lanka and the contributory factors: In May 2011 it was reported by the UN that Sri Lankans are experiencing steep increase in price of two staple food sources, rice and wheat. A World Food Program (WFP) analysis states that rice and wheat prices increased by 30% and 26% respectively than the previous year, making Sri Lanka one of the worst affected nation by rising food prices in South Asia. 21% of children in Sri Lanka under five years of age are underweight. According to the World Bank the following are the reasons for the under development of agriculture in Sri Lanka thereby limiting the production of food crops and hence are the major contributors to the increasing Food Crisis in the country. (a)Weaknesses in strategy and policy (b)Heavy public sector regulatory interventions in commodity and input/factor markets (c)Weak delivery of services in rural areas (d)Destructive impact of civil conflict and tsunami. Although all the contributing factors needs to be addressed strategically to obtain a maximum result, this Assignment focuses on strategy and business evolution to counter the „Weak delivery of services in rural areas‟ which contributes to the 80% of the Sri Lankan population.

What is meant by „Weak delivery of...
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