Food Cops on the Prowl

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Assignment 1: Critical Response
Food Cops on the Prowl

In the “Food Cops on the Prowl” article, Pierce Hollingsworth, director of Stagnito Communications, permit that food industry (particularly, their marketing plan via ads on Televisions) is not include in the main reasons leading to obesity issue. He also made a question mark about the causes of obesity “Bad food or bad habits? ”. In the articles, the author mentions that the food companies and their food marketing are easily blameworthy as a main source of making obesity issue, however, he disagree with this arguments. This essay aims to analyse the strengths and weaknesses of this article.

There are several strong points can be seen in the article of Hollingsworth. First of all, the author had organized the articles in clever and logical way. In particularly, he opened the article by a question “Bad food or bad habits?”. This question has the goal to attract the readers and also makes them know clearer what the author are going to write. This article can be divided into two parts and in the first part which maintains the general complains and comments surrounding “clever food marketing” and obesity problem, the author were successful by using several citations from relevant and famous sources. Ones of these are the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), the Department of Health and Human Services, or even the Institute of Medicine (IOM). All of these sources are maintain that obesity issue due to clever food marketing. Overall, he had made the reader believe more in the truth which food industry is result in obesity problem.

In the other hand, the author was fail to consider about his second and also the main part of his article which aims to explain about the facts, then was led to the bias. Firstly, he gave the information that children now spend less time on watching TV than surfing on the Internet and listening the iPods, however, he had not figured out any pieces of...
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