Food Combining

Topics: Nutrition, Digestion, Protein Pages: 1 (285 words) Published: October 4, 2012
This text (website) suggests observing the following rules to promote proper digestion: 1.Never combine a protein with a carbohydrate concentrated food. 2.Never eat two concentrated proteins together.

3.Never eat proteins with fats.
4.Do not pair acidic fruits with carbohydrates.
5.Do not pair acidic fruits with proteins.
6.Always eat melons alone.
Never combine a protein with a complex carbohydrate-like rice, pasta or potatoes (Murray). The digestion of protein in the human stomach requires an acidic medium. Furthermore, the breakdown of animal tissue (i.e. all meats, poultry and fish) requires high levels of hydrochloric acid-the acid found in the human stomach. On, the contrary the digestion of complex carbohydrates requires alkaline conditions (Murray). Thus, when dense carbohydrates are mixed with proteins digestion is halted; this slurry sits in the stomach and ferments (Murray). What follows is a self-perpetuating cycle of indigestion, bloating and gas production. Common violations of this rule I have observed include a hunk of meat and rice, the hamburger and the infamous deli sandwich. The aforementioned examples may sound like an attempt to single out Americans, however examples of this violation are found in several cultures: oJapanese Sushi (the variety with fish and rice)

oItalian meatballs and pasta
oMexican Empanadas
These are just a few examples but the list is exacerbating. After reading this text I began to realize that people-including myself-commonly combine foods in ways that are detrimental to the digestive process and ultimately their health. This is not intentional, but most people are unaware of the chemistry of digestion.

1.Murray, Micheal. "Food Combining | Alkaline Foods & Alkaline Diet.". Acid Alkaline Diets, 2010. Web. 22 September. 2012. .
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