Food & Bevarage Report

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1.1 Analyze food and beverage systems within a range of food and beverage outlets:

The range of food and beverage items provided by the establishment significantly varies according to the types of establishment. For example, the prince restaurant and pastry shop (one of the restaurant we have visited) provides several ethnic food services namely Thai, Chinese, Continental, Italian and Bengali food services. Another restaurant namely “the chilis” offers only Thai and Chinese food services. We have also visited the restaurant “SANTOOR” that provides only Indian food items.

As we have visited aforementioned restaurants we found that the range of food items provided by the establishment varies according to the establishment.

Thai and Chinese food services:

Thai and Chinese foods are very popular around the world. Thai and Chinese food items are consists of appetizer, soup, salad, vegetables, noodles, crab, fish, prawn, chickens, duck, beef and rice etc.

Indian food services:

Indian food items are found in Varity of items and tastes. Indian food items include starter, soup, yogurt specialists, salad, vegetarian kebab, non-vegetarian kebab, vegetarian curry, sea foods, chicken, beef, bread, mutton etc.

Continental food service:

Food items of continental cuisine are cold appetizer, hot appetizer, salad, soup, sea foods, chicken, side dishes etc.

1.2 Identify and review different types of food production and service systems (Visits Two outlets and describe their food and beverage system):

Visiting The Prince Restaurant, The Santoor Restaurant and Chilis Restaurant, we found the following food production systems and service systems:

Blanch vegetables that are served cold. Cook food in boiling water for a short period until just tender but still crunchy. Drain vegetables and put them in cold water or ice to stop the cooking process.

Boiling and Steaming:
Boil and steam vegetables and grains. Cook food in steam from a little boiling water. Cook broccoli, Brussels sprouts, and cabbage without a lid to keep their bright color.

Poaching and Simmering:
Poach and simmer large cuts of meat, chicken breast, and fish and fruits such as apples. Cover foods with a liquid such as water, stock, or juice. Cook at a low even temperature just below the boiling point.

Braising and Stewing:
Braise and stew less tender cuts of meat. Begin by browning the meat on all sides. Simmer slowly in a liquid.

Roasting and Baking:
Use for fish and large tender cuts of meat. Roast vegetables such as carrots, potatoes, cauliflower, zucchini, and others. Bake winter squash, sweet potatoes, grains, and casseroles. Cook food uncovered and brush with liquid.

Sautéing and Stir-Frying

Sauté and stir-fry meat, fish, and vegetables. Use small amount of oil. Use very high heat for a shorter period of time.

Service systems:

The different food service systems are:

a. Conventional food service systems.

b. Centralized food service systems.

c. Ready prepared food service systems.

These are described below:

a. Conventional food service systems.

b. Centralized food service systems.

Service style:

The prince hotel basically provides French and Russian service style. But according to customer demand and level of service prince restaurant provides several service styles:

French service:

French service differs from others in that all food is served from the guerdon. The guerdon is covered with a cloth and is placed side- by –side with table. It is equipped with a small alcohol stove, or rechaud , that is used to keep the food warm for the preparation of sauces, crepes suzette, jubilee and other special dishes. Service of this type requires not only technical expertise on food preparation but also a good showmanship.

English service:

This type of service is also known as “family style” service. In this service, the soup tureen is placed before the host...
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