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Topics: Wage, Better, Minimum wage Pages: 2 (580 words) Published: May 22, 2010
“Serves Us Right” by Phoebe Damrosch describes the occupation of waiting as overlooked, treated badly, and in need of some change. We pay attention to and adore the rock star chefs, yet we often ignore those who deal with our food most, our waiters. Waiters in America are undertrained and treated poorly. Waiters work unpredictable schedules for unpredictable pay which depends heavily on tipping. They often do not receive work benefits such as health care and paid sick leave(1). As a result the quality of waiting is not great, because it is not a good job to hold, and there is a large turnover of new employees(2). Restaurants can improve the quality of waiting in America if they were to provide training and benefits(2). Damrosch suggests that removing tipping in exchange for a service charge paid by the employers would result in better service. Damrosch states that “The service charge shifts the focus from the money to the experience”(1). The occupation of waiting in its current state is sub par because the working conditions are sub par; waiter working conditions must be improved before work quality can too.

Phoebe Damrosch makes many great points and is correct in her statements about the occupation of waiting and the occupation of waiting needs some changes for the better. Waiters and waitresses have some of the most unpredictable hours and schedules, making it difficult to schedule and lead their lives outside of their occupation. On top of that, they are underpaid; most waiters only make minimum wage and their salary is determined by how much they receive through tipping. Waiting is not a simple occupation either, it takes a lot of work and effort especially when it is busy to try and attend to all their customers. Taking orders, refilling drinks, making sure everything is OK, as well as delivering food from the kitchen requires a lot of multitasking skills and focus. I agree with Damrosch that tipping is instrumental in the failure of good service. With...
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