Food and Drink in England

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  • Published : July 28, 2011
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Tim Ta
Mrs. Shuck
English IV 3rd hour
22 February 22, 2011
Food and Drink in England
Have you ever wondered how other countries choice of food and drink or customs differed from your own? In England, their diet and customs do not differ as much from our own. We have similarities such as the main courses of breakfast, lunch, and dinner such as our choices of diet over the centuries has changed. But differences such as tea time, which is a very important social time in England, and their choice for there diet is different from ours. These things set our cultures differently when it comes to food and drink.

Their first main course of the day in England is breakfast. Breakfast is usually eaten between seven to nine am. People in England usually have two types of breakfast they can choose form. These two types of breakfast are called a typical or traditional breakfast. When people were falling behind on time during breakfast they would usually have a typical breakfast. The typical breakfast usually consists of fruits or a bowl of cereal, and the beverage would be a glass of milk or orange juice, but more commonly would be a cup of coffee (Andrews 73). Then there is the other option which is the traditional breakfast. The traditional breakfast usually is only eaten during special occasions. This is because it takes time to prepare for this type of breakfast. The traditional breakfast consists of eggs, bacon, sausages, fried bread, baked beans and mushrooms (Spencer 52). Then when breakfast is over lunch follows shortly after.

The next important meal of the day is lunchtime. Lunch is usually eaten around 12-1:30 everyday because that is when the breakfast in their system starts to fade away. In England there really isn’t a thing as a traditional lunch because people usually never have time to have a full course meal during this time. Instead the choice of food varies over a wide range of options. These options could include burgers, fish...
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