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Gerald Prime M. Oñate

Catering- a preparation and delivery of food, service, staff and all amenities to a site or within the company premises. Caterer- refers to the one who “supplies the viand of an entertainment”. Banquet- It is a food and beverage service at a specific time and place for given number of people, agreed menu and price. On-premise- Food preparation and service is done in a facility that is owned based or rented by a caterer. Off-premise- Type of catering wherein the foods are prepared in a licensed commissary and transported to a location selected by the client. Types of catering establishment:

-Restaurant-Industrial Catering
-Airline Catering-Leisure-Linked Catering
-Transport Catering-Club Catering
-Railway Catering-Welfare Catering
-Ship Catering-Retail Store Catering
-Surface Catering-Outdoor Catering

Basic styles of Table Service:
1. Butler service
2. Russian service
3. American service
4. French Service
5. Buffet
Organizational Chart of Catering

Banquet personnel and its functions:

Banquet Chef- will support and assist the Executive Chef in the oversight of the banquet and commissary kitchen operation and assisting in the preparation of food items for all Banquet meals and commissary items, hiring, training, scheduling, and directing Banquet culinary staff; visually inspecting all food products to be served to ensure they all meet the quality standards set out by departmental and resort management. Banquet Captain- Perform supervision of banquet service personnel and service of banquet events for the banquet manager and banquet sales coordinator. As leader of the service team, the captain is primarily responsible for ensuring that guests receive proper service, enjoy their meal, and want to return. The captain achieves this goal by providing the guest with the highest possible standard in service. Banquet Manager- Train and develop the banquet staff. Ensure satisfaction...
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