Food and Beverage Classifications

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  • Published : November 9, 2011
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Food and Beverage Classification
Pamela Castillo
ITHM 201
November 1, 2011
Prof. Carlos Rivera

To the majority of the people in our society when you say to them food and beverage they think fast food and restaurants. Rarely do they take into consideration the tons of other food and beverage outlets that encompass this industry and make it one of the largest ever growing industries in the world. Food is a necessary part of life and will always be needed. Those are some reasons why this industry has an above average future outlook. The food and beverage industry includes a vast amount of venues. It is a very diverse industry consisting of commercial operations and non-commercial operations. Commercial operations can be classified as either part of the restricted market or the general market. Examples of the restricted market would be some institutional employee catering, or private clubs. The general market includes but is not limited to hotels, fast foods, vending machines, pubs, amongst others. Non-commercial operations are establishments where meals and snacks are prepared / served as an adjunct, supportive service to the primary purpose of the establishment. For example: hospitals, schools, and prisons. These may also fall under the subsidized category of either private or public ownership which may include employee catering or institutional catering. These foodservice operations financial goal does not involve generating profit from the sales of food and beverage product, and may also be called institutional foodservice. Some of the different types of food and beverages establishments are: bars & pubs, cafes, canteens, coffee shops, fast food outlets, food courts, hawker stalls, restaurants, snack bars, cafés, coffee houses & snack bars, coffee shops, eating houses & food courts, fast food restaurants, food caterers, food stalls, hawker stalls, restaurants. All of these fall under different categories, some holding a category...
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