Fons Trompenaars

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  • Published : August 12, 2011
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III/ Fons Trompenaars:
Kazakhstan is a collective country which prioritizes the group’s needs before individual’s needs. This also means that the people are focusing on the relationship and consider relationship as an important thing. Hence, there is a reason for the apparition of nepotism and cronyism in Kazakhstan because they tend to give work to someone that they well know. In addition, Kazakhs estimate people based on caste system, then people with low caste can not take a high job’s position while people from noble family will take over their relatives’ jobs. Because of the base on relationship as a collective culture, Kazakhs has a diffuse culture in the connection between work and personal. To them, making a good relationship is more necessary than go into work.

The Republic of Kazakhstan is a democratic, secular, and unitary state. After issuing their independence in 1991, Mr. Nazarbayev was democratically elected the president of the country. Since that, he has started democracy in Kazakhstan. Being known as a republic country, Mr. Nazarbayev has the most powerful position who serves the country as a head of state. The Parliament of Kazakhstan is bicameral and consists of two chambers. The head of the executive branch of power in the country is the Government, which is appointed, reports to the President, and is subject to approval by the Parliament.

Kazakhstan’s policy is particularistic. Therefore, the law of Kazakhstan is very flexible for some reasons. Firstly, animal husbandry is the central to the Kazaks’ traditional lifestyle. Most of Kazaks are working informal or agriculture such as harvesting paddies or livestock. Thus, majority of Kazaks are not well-educated. Hence, sometimes, they cannot judge whether their actions are legally acceptable or not. Secondly, according to Taylor (1997), the legislative policy of Kazakhstan is loose because it directs fulfil a short-term needs of the country in transition. Laws are changed frequently...
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