Following Through with Setting Goals

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  • Published : December 2, 2012
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Andrea Koenigsknecht
Mr. Greenburg
September 18, 2012

Following Through With Setting Goals
I’ve learned valuable lessons in life about setting goals, taking the steps needed to reach my goals, and not giving up. There have been problems I have struggled with but I’ve learned to always be positive. Life throws many things at us but we need to adjust and continue on. I’ve learned things aren’t always easy, but with hard work, dedication, and focus I now realize I can reach any goal I set. There comes a point in life when we feel like quitting. We set goals intending to accomplish them, yet we still sometimes hit a road block and simply give up. We may convince ourselves that it’s too complicated, stressful, or even impossible. Distractions may come in the way, negative thinking stops us, and lack of self-confidence slows us down. Perhaps giving up is taking the easy way out, but every decision has its consequences. As a sophomore and a first-year track runner in high school, I was a little intimidated. As I observed everyone around me in practice, I found myself becoming more self-conscious by the second. My teammates knew all the drills, routines, and exercises, while I laid back and played follow-the-leader the whole time. Sure enough, as I attended more practices, I began to gain some confidence and eventually caught on. On an early Saturday morning, I laced up my shoes and began warming up as I prepared for my first track meet. As my anticipation was building for the race, I thought about what I wanted and what I had to do to reach that point. When I heard the gun go off I immediately burst into a sprint and pushed myself to the finish line. I came in second place out of 43 other girls. At that moment an idea sparked in my mind, “I’m going to make it to the state track meet and win it”. I set my mind to it and I was determined to reach my goal. Balancing sports, academics, and family can get complicated and difficult. Not only do you need to...
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