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Appendix - I

INDIAN CERTIFICATE OF SECONDARY EDUCATION EXAMINATION, MARCH 2013 LIST OF PRESCRIBED TEXTBOOKS 1. ENGLISH (01): PAPER 1. (Language) No specific book is being recommended for background reading. PAPER 2. (Literature in English) DRAMA : As You Like It : Shakespeare (edited by Roma Gill, Oxford University Press) OR Loyalties : John Galsworthy (edited by G.R. Hunter) PROSE: At least one of the following: (i) A Treasure Trove of Short Stories: Compiled and Edited by S. Chakravarthi (Frank Bros. & Co.) 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. An Astrologer’s Day : R.K. Narayan Dust : ‘Saki’ (HH Munro) The Postmaster : Rabindranath Tagore The Case For the Defence : Graham Greene How Much Land Does A Man Require? : Leo Tolstoy The Tiger in the Tunnel : Ruskin Bond The Umbrella Man : Roald Dahl Girls : Mrinal Pande The Sniper : Liam O’Flaherty The Gift of the Magi : O’Henry Marriage Is A Private Affair : Chinua Achebe A Fishy Story : Jerome K Jerome Rikky-Tikki-Tavi : Rudyard Kipling The Monkey’s Paw: W. W. Jacobs A Day’s Wait : Ernest Hemingway 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. POETRY: The Golden Lyre (A Collection of Poems) (Compulsory) Compiled and edited by Michael Shane Calvert (Evergreen Publishers) Only the following poems to be studied: 1. 2. 3. 4. If : Rudyard Kipling A River : A. K. Ramanujan The Road Not Taken : Robert Frost Because I Could Not Stop for Death : Emily Dickinson Night of the Scorpion : Nissim Ezekiel No Men Are Foreign : James Kirkup To the Indian Who Died in Africa : T. S. Eliot Shakespeare : Matthew Arnold To India – My Native Land : Henry Louis Vivian Derozio Our Casuarina Tree : Toru Dutt L Belle Dame Sans Merci : John Keats The Ballad Of Father Gilligan : W. B. Yeats Laugh and Be Merry : John Masefield The Slave’s Dream : H.W. Longfellow The Frog and the Nightingale : Vikram Seth

INDIAN LANGUAGES: 2. AO NAGA (42): (Only two of the following books are to be offered) (i) Mejen O 2nd edition. (An Anthology of Poems and Short Stories by Contemporary Ao writers, JMS Publication). (ii) Khristan Aeni Aoba 2nd edition. (A translation ‘The Pilgrim’s Publication). of John Progress’, Bunyan’s ABAM

(ii) Animal Farm : George Orwell (iii) To Sir With Love : E.R. Braithwaite 277

(iii) Akumlir Wadang by L. Imti Aier.

3. ASSAMESE (02): (Only two of the following books are to be offered) (i) Karengar Ligiri (Drama): by Jyoti Prasad Agarwala, Pub: Bimal Kumar Hazarika, Secretary, Publication Board Assam, Guwahati - 781021. (ii) Saudor Puteke Naau Meli Jai (Novel): by Homen Buragohain, Pub: Ajay Kumar Dutta, Students’ Stores, College Hostel Road, Guwahati – 781001. (iii) Kabita Manjuri (a collection of poems), Pub: Pratima Prakashan, Guwahati - 781022. (iv) Asomiya Chuti Galpar Prabah (a collection of short stories), Pub: Secretary, Publication Department, Guwahati University, Guwahati 781014. 4. BENGALI (03): (Only two of the following books are to be offered) (i) Rachna Va Prabandh Sankalan (Prose) (Inter University Press) (ii) Bangla Galpa Sanchayan (Short Stories) Ed. Mahasweta Devi & Ajoy Gupta (Oxford University Press) (iii) Sreekanta (Part I) by Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyay, Pub: Bangio Sahitya Sansad, 66/3 Mahatma Gandhi Road, Kolkata – 700009 OR Ghosh and Co, 12, Ramanath Majumder Street, Kolkata – 700 073. (iv) Kabita Sankalan (Poetry) (Inter University Press) The following poems are to be studied: 1. Atrimunir Asrame Ram Laxman O Sita 2. Ekti Moroger Kahini 3. Bangla Bhasa 4. Kandari Hunsiar 5. Dhula Mandir 6. Prashna 7. Iswar Chandra Vidyasagar 8. Bhorai 9. Smriti Chinha 10. Jiban Sangit 11. Muharram 12. Ma 278


DZONGKHA (26): (Only two of the following books are to be offered) (i) Gyalse Laglen – Prose (Reader VIII) (ii) Legshed Langdor Shenjed Proverbs (iii) Biography of Ashi Nangse

6. GARO (40): (Only two of the following books are to be offered) (i) Kadimgimin Seanirang Bak II: Compiled by Lindrid D. Shira Only the following selection is to be studied:...
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