Following Orders

Topics: English-language films, Weather, Injury Pages: 2 (545 words) Published: March 6, 2013
the importance of following orders is crucial. when following orders you should do so as commanded. it is important to follow orders, for the orders might better you and help you with the situation your in. in my situation I decided not to wear my fleece nor Gortex or gloves, even though I was commanded to. I decided the fact that I wasn't cold to disobey a order which was given by the sergeant. disobeying an order can lead to many things. disobeying orders can lead to disciplinary actions or Consequences. due to the weather and how cold it was, my disobeying of orders could have resulted in me becoming a cold weather injury because I didn't have on the proper gear that I was issued and ordered to wear. In other situations also following orders can be crucial because of the moment your in. as example, if you were deployed and engaging the enemy down range, and you decided to not follow orders as commanded it could possibly lead to yourself being injured or killed. also when disobeying orders down range could lead to other consequences and bad situations as your battle buddies being injured or killed. Another situation that disobeying orders could lead to bad things is being on the range. When on the range you are directed to follow every order for it can lead to serious injury or death. The orders that come from the tower are serious, and are given to keep soldiers and people safe. When following orders, it is important to follow all orders giving and all orders that were recently giving until you hear other wise, for the order that was giving could be changed and or updated by another order that is given by a superior. Orders are given so that they are to be followed and done as told. following orders and doing the right thing can help others around you with the useful information and may help or influence your battles around you to do the right thing and show then that it is good to follow orders and not to disobey orders that are giving by a Sergeant. As...
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