The following are a few main points dealing with a chapter of Mein Kampf. Sort of like a summery of that chapter.

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  • Published: November 13, 2003
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Mein Kampf Answers

1. A) The Jew's intelligence is motivated by the foreigners and the general culture. Perhaps the 'boy of today' motivated the Jews.

B) The Jew is compared to a herd, to a pack of wolves, to horses, and to a juggler if not an ape.

C) The Jew never possessed a culture of its own nor had territorial limits. A nomad is one who does possess a definitely limited living space. The Jew is not a nomad since the nomad had a definite attitude to work and the Jew does not.

D) The Jew is a parasite for a few reasons: Since the Jew leaves his living space and will have nothing to do with his own people as a result of being thrown out of a place, and goes in search of a new place moving around where he is not wanted he is considered a parasite. Since the Jew is hard to kick out even by force, and since he keeps spreading as soon as a favorable medium invites him so he is a parasite.

E) First the Jews are characterized as the 'great masters of lying.' Jews convince people that they are not a people but a religious community. The Jew manages to convince others that they are of other backgrounds, but with a special religious faith. The Jew cannot possess religious institution because he lacks idealism. The Jews' religious policy is that of keeping Jewry pure and regulating relation among the world. The best characterization is the religious education or the Jew himself.

2. A) When a settlement appears, Jews arrive (as merchants) without concealing who they are. Still the Jew is a Jew because of the outward differences between him and the host. The Jew will be a foreign merchant. Since the hosts are inexperienced this is an advantage to the Jew because he is given a friendly reception.

B) Jews begin to rise economically to middlemen. Becomes superior to honest Aryan, therefore begins to lend money with interest. This idea is welcomed because seen as advantage.

C) Jews begin to move into sections of cities and villages and create privileges...
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