Following Compound Nouns

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  1.Expand the following compound nouns:1.Weather report.2.Hairpin bend.3.Rubber pad.4.Fast food Mr.JA/ENG 2 2.Write a paragraph comparing and contrasting mobile phone and landline. Mr.JA/ENG 16   Cause & Effect Expression  1.1. A nail has pierced the Tyre. The essential commodities have become costlier. 2. Safety precautions were not observed. There were many accidents in the factory. 3. Many prefer private vehicles for commutations. It is over crowding in public transport. 4. There is scarcity of water. The government has resorted to desalination. Mr.RNN/ENG 2   comparative adjectives  1.1. Madhya pradesh is _____ (big) than the other Indian states. 2. The supply of Electricity and water gets ____ (bad) every summers. 3. Platinum is _______ (expensive) than gold 4. Robots of the future world ____ (powerful) that that of today's. 5. The ant is ___ (industrious) than the bee. Mr.RNN/ENG 2 2.1.Albert Einstein,the___(great)of all modern scientists said,"Imagination is ____(important)than knowledge.Knowledge is limited.Imagination circles the world." 2.The___(many) vivid you can create an image of success using visualisation,the____(good) chance you have of emerging victorious in your attempt. Mr.GSS/ENG 2 3.Fill in the blank with correct comparative adjectives:1.David is so---(popular)as Godwin.2.Children are---(gay)than adults.3.He is---(educated)of all.4.Jegan's shirt is---(costly)than that of Robert Mr.JA/ENG 2   Compare and contrast  1.1.Write a paragraph comparing and contrasting Knowledge acquired from Print Media and Electronic Media. 2.Make a compare and contrast between Modern communication system and Ancient communication system. Mr.GSS/ENG 2 2.Write a paragraph comparing human brain versus computer brain. Dr.KR/ENG 8 3.Write a paragraph,comparing and contrasting old and modern technologies Mr.JA/ENG 16   compound noun  1.Expand the following Compound Nouns: 1. Silver Rod 2. A Computer Diagnosis 3. Lock Nut 4. Tax Exemption 5. Design Engineer 6. Circuit Diagram 7.Space Travel 8. Roller Mill 9. Video Screen 10. Ball pen Mr.RNN/ENG 2 2.Expand the following compound nouns:1.Geography book.2.Desktop computer.3.Cotton shirt.4.Frying pan. Mr.JA/ENG 2 3.Write out expansions to the following compound nouns: 1.Chalkboard 2.Memory card 3.Central Processing Unit.4.Heart attack 5.Technical hitch Mr.GSS/ENG 2   Conditional Clause  1. Mr.RNN/ENG 2 2.Complete the following conditionalsenteces by supplying the missing clause: 1. If he communicates effectively, ______ 2. If i got the vehicle earlier, _____ 3. I would spend all my time in travelling., _____ 4. The battery of the card is down, _________ 5. If you feel sorry for your indifference, ______ 6. Petroleum will get depleted soon, if________ 7. I would not have located your house, _______ 8. If I have money, ______ 9. If the new materials had come in time, ______ 10. If fish-carts were off the road, ________ Mr.RNN/ENG 2 3.Complete the following sentences using relevant conditionals: 1.Success will be yours... 2.If i had attended the religious talk by Sri Sri Ravishankar,.... 3.If i have genuine friends,.... Mr.GSS/ENG 2   Essay / Paragraph Writing  1.1. Write a paragraph of about 200 words explaining the wisdom of Investing money in articles of Gold. Mr.RNN/ENG 16 2.2. Write two paragraphs on Water as an inevitable natural resource that has to be spent carefully. Mr.RNN/ENG 16 3.3. Describe the advantages & disadvantages of Nuclear Power as an Alternative Source of Energy. Mr.RNN/ENG 16 4.3. English can very well be a Universal Medium of Communication - Justify the statement in about 300 words. Mr.RNN/ENG 16 5.5. Discuss the importance or Need for Alternative Energy Sources in India in about 350 words. Mr.RNN/ENG 16 6.6. "Money - Good or Evil"?. Justify your answer in about 350 words. Mr.RNN/ENG 16   impersonal passive  1.Chang the given sentences from active voice to impersonal passive voice: 1.Students dislike written examinations. 2.America is the...
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