Folkway: Walking and Natural Motor Skills

Topics: Walking, Misdemeanor, 2008 singles Pages: 2 (614 words) Published: December 6, 2007
A)For my violation of a folkway I chose to walk to all my classes backwards. I also added my own twist to violating this folkway by questioning other students on why theyre not doing the same as me as if they were wrong. This past Tuesday I decided to violate this folkway, the face reactions I received were quite humorous. Some ignored which was pretty acceptable on account of mid-terms, but the majority stared followed by questioning and maybe laughter. Understanding my violation how could you blame them, walking backwards is not only a walking folkway it is also dangerous to myself as well as my fellow class mates. As childern we grew up learning to speak a certain language or dress a certain way. When natural motor skills come in to play such as walking and running heading in the forward motion is a judgment of what ought to be.

B)As I was walking in reverse I simultaneously looked over my shoulder to see where I was going, not doing so may have caused me to trip over a curb with the ending result not being very positive. Another reason why I took extra percausion was for the safety of the other students on campus basically stating the wrong step may cuz a dog pile/pile up with many angered students exchanging harsh comments and more than likely ready to fight. As soon as I stepped from the dorm steps social control began to take place, my roommate Jason was the first to notice. "Why are you walking like that?" he asked. I responded by saying "like what" shrugged my shoulders and kept walking to class. Ten more students passed and my friend Alicia stopped me, "where is u going walking backwards?" I simply stated "I don't know?" "Where are you going walking forwards?" Confused she let me continue with my walk to class. Three fourths of the way there I heard my name being called so I stopped to see who it was, James my roommate came over to me inquiring the same thing many other students I'm sure were thinking. After a few minutes of debating on which...
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