Folktales of the Headless Horse Man in Different Countries

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  • Topic: The Legend of Sleepy Hollow, Sleepy Hollow, New York, Cemetery
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  • Published : November 15, 2010
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The headless Horse man folklore in different countries
There are many interpretations of this folktale. In this research paper I am going to be writing about the folktales of the Headless Horse man in different countries. Like how are his appearance in one country and the appearance in another country. What does the story says in the American folktale or what it says in the Irish one. If he kills the people or just scared them really well.

American Folktale of the Headless Horseman
The American folktale of the headless horseman says that a Dutchman was walking at night and he passed the Sleepy Hallow Cemetery where the Headless horse man was buried. The headless horseman was a Hessian Soldier. In the dark night the Dutchman only had a lantern. It says that he was walking a little nervous because he remembered of the galloping ghost tale the people at the tavern told. The Dutchman saw a light that was rising from a part of cemetery. The Dutchman was very scared and he started to scream. While he screamed the horse came towards him. The Dutchman tried to escape from the headless horseman sight. After he hides into a mountain of snow the headless horseman passed him and the headless horseman didn’t see the Dutchman. The Dutchman ran to his house and told the story to his wife and the next day everyone knew about the story.

One cold winter night, early in the New Year, a certain Dutchman left the tavern in Tarrytown and started walking to his home in the hollow nearby. His path led next to the old Sleepy Hollow cemetery where a headless Hessian soldier was buried. At midnight, the Dutchman came within site of the graveyard. The weather had warmed up during the week, and the snow was almost gone from the road. It was a dark night with no moon, and the only light came from his lantern. The Dutchman was nervous about passing the graveyard, remembering the rumors of a galloping ghost that he had heard at the tavern. He stumbled along, humming to himself...
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