Folkloric Motifs in Filipino Horror Movies

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  • Published : March 1, 2011
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This study “Folklore in Movies: Folkloric Motifs in Selected Filipino Horror Movies”, sought to find out if there are folkloric elements present in the Filipino horror movies “Feng Shui”, “Pa-Siyam”, and “Sigaw” and how these elements are utilized. This study is purely a qualitative research. The specific folkloric elements to be observed are the character motif, place motif, motif of object, motif of action and motif of style using the motif index by Carole Slattery (2002) in Cap O’ Rushes. Consequently, this study seeks to the answer the following questions: 1.Are the folkloric motifs present in the horror movies “Feng Shui”, “Pa-Siyam” and “Sigaw”? 2.What are the functions of the folkloric motifs?

3.What are the folkloric motifs that are prevalent in all three movies? Based on the analysis made on the folkloric motifs from the three selected Filipino horror movies the study revealed the following findings: 1.All five folkloric motifs in the motif index by Carole Slattery (2002) in Cap O’ Rushes are present in the three horror movies. a.Like the character motifs in Slattery’s table, the story of the three movies revolves around the quest of the protagonist and how the hero is able to overcome the force of evil. b.Only two place motifs are employed in the movies. First is the Home 1, which is the place that the hero desires to escape from. And the second is Home 2, which the protagonist at first considers as his paradise, but gradually turns out to be a strange and scary place. c.The motif of object that was used in the movies are the ordinary object that is the source of evil and the ordinary object that has special function in the story. d.The protagonist of each movie always has a quest to go through and the only way to overcome evil is for him or her to show courage, virtue, and cleverness only then can the hero find the answer to the problem and attain...
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