Folklore- Garlic

Topics: Insect repellent, Ancient Egypt, Truth Pages: 1 (332 words) Published: December 3, 2012
Garlic: Folklore and Superstitions
Garlic folklore and superstitions date back to before ancient Egypt. Many cultures have used garlic for many different papooses, and most of the folklore and beliefs having to do with garlic is proven fact. Egyptians fed garlic to the slave believing that it would ward off illness and increase ones strength and endurance. The Koreans use to eat pickles garlic whenever they traveled on the mountain paths because the believed that tigers would dislike it and stay away. Both of these examples of folklore, over time have been proven to have some truth being that garlic can be used for medicine and it also dose ward off many insects and animals because of the smell. Another example is the one I have heard most often, the belief that garlic worn on your person or hanging in the window would keep the vampires away. One reason this belief might have been started is in Europe at the time a diseases caused by misquote bites were considered "The touch of the vampire" garlic was used as an effective mosquito repellent. Folklore exists everywhere, it could be a behavior, ritual, song, object, belief, written text, and much more. Whenever a group of people share this common belief, ritual, or whatever it is and are aware of it, it is considered folklore. I believe that garlic is a good example of folklore because it is not just set to one group of people, it was and is used by many different cultures for many different reasons. A lot of the folklore having to do with this topic has been proven to have some practical applications by doctors and scientist, but the people who used it however long ago would have perceived garlics ability to help heal or repel things as a form of power or something similar. It is no wonder that the groups such as the Egyptians, europeans, Koreans, and Americans have all had similar tales and folklore about garlic.
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