Folk Healing

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English 102
April 12, 2011
Folk Healing in American Culture
Folk Medicine is more than homemade remedies. It is commonly referred to as what we call folklore today. Beliefs and practices thought to treat or cure a disease or ailment with certain roots, spices, plants, or other spiritual rituals linked with superstitions are common in Folk Medicine. To the people that practice folk healing, it is a science based on religious practices and principals. I The passing down of information from someone that generally doesn’t have much

knowledge of the subject matter is how “folk tales” and “old wives tales” arrived.

A Herbs, barks, and roots were thought to have healing powers.
1.Willow Bark contains the same ingredient as aspirin.

B Many of the alternative procedures are different in the way they are practiced but similar to modern medicine. II The medical community does not generally accept Folk Medicine claims.

A Folk Medicine has existed for as long as humans have existed. 1. Folk Medicine is often practiced simply for the sake of tradition or superstition. B Depending on their status in the community, religious leader did not always have the last say.

III. Southern African Americans still practice the traditions of folk medicine.
A. Religion among African Americans is full of what the whites call superstition.
1. Black superstitions are more in line with African religious beliefs.
2. The home stands as the first educational setting.
IV. Folk Medicine remains important among Mexican Americans.
A. Mexican American Folk Medicine consists of three levels.
1. Household, Neighborhood, and Herb Specialist are the most popular in these
in these communities.

English 102 – Distance
April 11, 2011
Folk Medicine in American culture
Folklore is what people say and do as a means to provide comfort and healing. Then term folk translates into people, usually within groups, and lore is informally passed along among people in folk groups who share a knowledge. Folklore is around us everywhere but that does not mean to imply that everything in our environment is necessarily folklore. Earthy language, off color anecdotes, even obscenities and cruel remarks are as much a part of folk culture as are good-natured wit, teasing and fun loving pastimes. A home remedy is what we commonly refer to as folk medicine today. This is a treatment or cure for a disease or ailment with certain spices, rituals, or beliefs in common superstitions. However, Folk Medicine has taken on a new name in modern society yet, the practices and rituals remain unchanged. Throughout the popular cultures in America today, from the Anglo Americans, African Americans, and even Spanish American cultures, some form form of folk healing is present today. Folk Medicine is more than just homemade remedies. It is what we commonly refer to as folk medicine today. It is beliefs and practices thought to treat or to cure a disease or ailment with certain spices, plants, or roots, spiritual or other common beliefs linked with superstitions. The majority of people think of the use of plants and other natural products for self-medication as a quaint custom of the past left behind or only practiced in the most remote of areas. The truth is that in many parts of the United States, folk medicine is a living art and a normal way of life for millions of people. Home remedies may or may not have medicinal properties that treat or cure the disease or ailment because they are generally pass along by word of mouth throughout the generations generally from someone that does not have much knowledge of the subject matter. This is where a lot of “folk tales” or “old wives tales” come from. Most of these home remedies are good for treating minor ailments such as sprains, minor lacerations, headaches, fevers, and the...
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