Fokker Service

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How does Fokker Services segment its market?
Fokker Services segment its market in 2 ways;
i)Firstly, the Fokker Services distinguishes between customers that want modular services (parts, technical expertise and maintenance) and customer that prefer a total solution. ii)Secondly, the customers are also segmented in terms of price sensitivity.

Question 2
In what way does Fokker Services customize its offerings to specific customers? Fokker Services has developed several creative dedicated solutions for its total customer. Furthermore, Fokker Services also developed an extranet, named for major client who is mainly from Fokker aircraft operator and owners. The extranet allow operators to place orders for spare parts and to give feedback. The customer also able to can track the processing of their order by tracing functionalities provided by the Fokker Services. Information also can be exchange with the repair shop and other departments. Furthermore, the knowledge base with technical expertise is made available to customer on the extranet. All technical expertise, a major competitive resource of the organization, is readily accessible to key clients to solve their specific in-service problems. Each customer finds fully customized information related to their aircraft modification status. The extranet is there to assist the customer at the critical moments in the relation. Since the account managers are connected to the extranet as well and receive specified e-mail alerts when their clients are considering a purchase, they have real-time information to act on. They know the ‘critical incidents’ in the relationships and can be there to assist at crucial moment, but not in the role of parts salesman, but primarily with the aim of supplying care.

Question 3
Can you think of other application of the win-win-win concept outside Fokker? Mozilla is another company that use win-win-win concept to attract its customer. Their product,...
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