Foils in the Great Gatsby

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  • Published : August 28, 2008
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In F. Scott Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby, there are many cases that would imply that there is a loss of manner in modernism. The so-called "wealthy" and members of the high society, such as Tom Buchanan and Jordan Baker, act in a manner towards others that would seem unbefitting of one of his or her "rank." The most poignant example throughout the story is his infidelity. He cheats on his wife Daisy with a common tramp named Myrtle. While this in itself would seem improper for a member of the high society, it is made worse by the fact that Tom treats his mistress no better than his own wife. He sees her only as sort of a trophy, and not as a lady. For example, when taking Myrtle out to restaurants, Tom is said to frequently leave her to talk to other people. In turn, Myrtle uses Tom by spending his money on trivial possessions. Tom also lacks the manners of being a host. In the beginning of the novel Tom invites Nick to his house. The party is interrupted by a phone call. Tom opts to take the phone call then instead of taking a message or simply ignoring it. It shows the lack of concern for the other people he is around. Not only is Tom a bad host, he also lacks the manners as a guest. Such an example is when he travels through the valley of ashes and visits Wilson’s garage. George asks Tom about the car he is going to sell to him. Tom knows that George is dirt poor and can’t buy the car but uses it as an excuse to visit Myrtle. One would be crude enough to flaunt such a car to person of George’s position, but he goes beyond decency and makes George feel bad by saying he should sell the car to somebody else. This shows his ignorance for people. Myrtle has George go set out chairs for Tom and Nick but they leaves before he comes back. Although this congregation was to arrange a meeting between Myrtle and Tom in New York, Tom lacks the decency to say goodbye to Wilson. Jordan Baker like Tom lacks the manners of behavior. At the beginning of the novel Tom has...
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