“Focus on Islamic Banking of Jamuna Bank Depending on Customer Perception”

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  • Published : April 1, 2013
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North South University
School of Business

Internship Report on
“Focus on Islamic banking of Jamuna bank depending on customer perception”
Submitted To:
Faisal Wali (FsW)
School of Business
North South University,
Submitted by:
Md. Reazul Haque
ID-081 219 030
BUS 498.2: Internship

Date of Submission: August 26, 2012

August 26, 2012

Faisal Wali
North South University
Subject: Submission of internship project on “Focus on Islamic banking of Jamuna bank depending on customer perception”.

Dear Mr. Wali:
It is with great pleasure that I am going to present my intern paper on “Focus on Islamic banking of Jamuna bank depending on customer perception”. I have worked at Jamuna Bank Limited (JBL), Ring Road Branch for three months. Based on this, I have tried to incorporate theories taught with corporate notions. It will give a total overview of Jamuna bank’s Islamic banking and customer perception. I have tried to include all the practical aspects of Islamic banking and how my research may help the bank in future.

My attempt is to relate the demand of Islamic banking and what the general customers of Jamuna bank want. I have tried heart and soul to make the paper as comprehensive as possible. I hope that you will approve the paper and it will meet your standards.

In this regard, special gratitude goes to you for forwarding your helping hand time to time.

Sincerely yours,

Md. Reazul Haque
ID: 081 219 030


I am grateful to Almighty Allah for giving us the chance of completing this paper within the schedule time without any kind of complex hazard. Successful completion of any type of project requires help from a number of persons and as I am still a student and just a novice, I have also taken help from different people during the internship program and for the preparation of this report. Now, here is a petite effort to show my deep gratitude to those helpful persons.

I would like to take the chance to express my gratitude to Mr. Faisal wali my honorable course instructor, for his continuous guidance and support regarding this report paper. His instructive advice and guidance has emerged as stepping-stone in making this reports a fruitful one. This report has smelt the scent of my creativity only as she entrusted his every belief on my capability and analytical ability in preparing the report. This report was only possible because of his relentless effort to make it credible one. It was my honor to work under his supervision.

Besides this, I have found so many sincere and productive advices from many people to whom we would like to show our appreciation.

Table of Contents

No.| Topic| Page|
1| Executive Summary| 05|
2| Overview of the bank| 07|
2.1| Company Background| 07|
2.2| Corporate vision| 08|
2.3| Corporate mission| 08|
2.4| Corporate culture| 08|
2.5| Corporate slogan| 09|
2.6| Corporate governance| 09|
2.7| Objectives of Jamuna bank Ltd.| 09|
2.8| Strategies and financial goal of JBL| 10|
2.9| Financial performance of JBL| 12|
2.10| Board of directors| 17 |
2.11| Corporate social responsibility| 19|
2.12| Foreign exchange operation of JBL| 20|
2.13| Organogram of JBL| 20|
2.14| SWOT analysis| 21|
2.15| Islamic banking| 23|
2.16| Islamic Banking activities by JBL| 25|
2.17| Annual report of Islamic banking| 26|
2.18| Mode of Deposits| 37|
2.19| Profit Rates of Various Deposit Schemes| 38|
2.20| Benefit In Case of Premature Encashment| 48|
2.21| Investment Principles & Products| 55|
2.22| Investment System Islamic Shariah| 55|
3.| Research part| 63|
3.1| Research Introduction| 63|
3.2| Research background| 63|
3.3| Problem of the study| 65|
3.4| Objective of the study| 66|
3.5| Significance of the study| 66|