Focus on Ethics

Topics: Identity theft, Human rights, A Great Way to Care Pages: 2 (349 words) Published: December 3, 2012
Focus on Ethics pg.125

1.How can marketers gather essential information while respecting the privacy rights of consumers?

I believe that digital media can be a great way to conduct market research and gather information about consumers. Also through digital media, marketers can ask consumers about their preferences. Crowdsourcing could also be a great way to gather information. This practice involves using communities of interested consumers to gather their options, input, and feedback. Marketers could set up a direct communication online forum, and this allows consumers the right to post what they want. Marketers can offer a contact to sign before volunteering any information that would protect their privacy rights.

2.How have you responded in the past when asked to participate in a survey on the phone or internet? Did you participate? Why or why not? Was privacy a concern?

I have been asked several times via internet to participate in surveys. Most times this shows up on my computer as a “popup”. I automatically exit out of the program. One reason being is because of my fear of receiving a virus from the webpage. Second reason is it is too time consuming. The few I have participated in did not invade my privacy. It asked standard questions, such as what my gender was and my color preference.

3.Is it the responsibility of researchers to safeguard the privacy of the consumers or does that responsibility rest with consumers themselves?

I believe it is a mixture of both the researcher and consumers responsibility to safeguard their privacy. Personally, I would never give out any personal information to a complete stranger. I think the worst and believe my identity will be stolen. I believe most people are smart enough not to provide information that invades their privacy. Companies or businesses should also respect consumer’s privacy. I believe they should look at the situation as if it was them being questioned or information was being...
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