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Dominique Davis
December 20, 2012

I believe that most discoveries are results of focusing on one subject however, not all. In order to reveal certain things it requires looking outside of the box. One example that favors this idea is a brainteaser. Some brainteasers are fairly easy but to learn an answer sometimes it requires you to look outside the box. If you just focus on the clues the puzzle gives you –which would be focusing on one subject—then it may be laborious to find the correct answer. Another example is the movie Hercules; he didn’t know that he was the son of Zeus and in order to discover that he had to focus on finding out where he was from. His parents that adopted him told him the truth then he went to a temple to talk to the gods and found out his background and what happened when he was a baby. Hercules had to do godly acts in order to amalgamate with his birth parents and for that to happen he didn’t focus on anything but his godly acts which resulted in his discovery that he was a god, the actual son of Zeus. People can’t discover an aptitude if they don’t focus on it. A dancer can’t figure out that they can dance by painting pictures. Today’s rappers Big Sean and Eminem didn’t discover their rap talent by running marathons, therefore, they had to focus on that talent in order to make it better and even realize that they have it. “A person who wants to discover a new truth must remain absorbed by that one subject…the problem.” I accede with this quote from the prompt because sometimes you have to focus on that one topic in order to discover a result.
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