Fobs vs. Twinkies

Topics: Asian American, Race and Ethnicity, United States Pages: 4 (1265 words) Published: November 8, 2012
“FOBs” vs. “Twinkies”: The New Discrimination is Intraracial What role does skin color play in the discrimination exercised within a minority community? What role do different geographical origins, different levels/kinds of education, or other factors play? Apparently, it plays a big role towards Asians and Americans. We are often judge by the way we speak, the way we dress, and occupation. FOBs are known for a person that hasn’t been in the United States for a long time or doesn’t speak English fluently. “FOBs vs. “Twinkies”: The New Discrimination Is Intraracial is an article written by an Asian American author, Grace Hsiang. This article summarizes about aspects of Asian culture are divided into two groups. One group is attached to their ethnic heritage. They would communicate with “true Asians” only. As stated in the article, “they believe relationships should remain within the community, and may even opt to speak their parents’ native language over English in public” (p. 306). They are the ones that are considered FOBs (Fresh Off the Boat) because they would not allow any other race to interact with them. The other group of Asian culture concentrates to be seen as an American as much as possible. Asian American considered as “Twinkies,”…yellow on the outside, white on the inside” (p.307) on the other hand, would not date anyone of their race, have friends outside of their race, and would claim how they are not true Asians. Hsiang concludes that everyone should identify their heritage because that’s who they are and “avoid this internal discrimination simply by recognizing that we are of two cultures—and that in itself creates a new culture that should be fully celebrated” (p.307). Grace Hsiang uses personal experience, pathos, and allusions of ethos to convince the audience that discrimination comes from within the community.

Grace Hsiang’s used personal experience throughout her article. The article is based off of Hsiang’s personal...
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