Foam Cutter

Topics: Hot-wire foam cutter, Guitar, Polystyrene Pages: 27 (9279 words) Published: November 9, 2012
Chapter I
The Problem – Its Background
Our environment today is experiencing a lot of superfluous phenomena like floods, earthquakes and other incidents and pollution is the root of all of these incidents. Serving the environment would be a big help to Mother Earth. The researchers decided to make junk into a new and useful thing that may be used by students and that may be a progress in our economy. Plastic is one of our society’s main problems for it is hard to decompose; it takes years to decompose a single plastic bag. Plastics are one of the reasons why we experience flood for the reason that they block the water that passes the inland waterway that makes the water level go up rather making it go down. Plastic can be useful but it is also harmful to our environment. Using plastics correctly would be a great help. The principle is quite simple; there is a strong electric current in a thin resistive wire. The wire under the effect of current and heat cut easily and cleanly Styrofoam, much better than with a knife or a cutter, particularly for large pieces. Styrofoam is also a plastic and it is a light, expanded polystyrene plastic. Styrofoam is a very versatile material used in many hobby applications ranging from remote-control airplanes to home remodeling. Like other plastics it takes years to decompose Styrofoam, a reason why we should use it efficiently and correctly.

Styrofoam is an important part of the modern economy. It's a very versatile product, used for cups, plates, and even some interior decorating items. Another very popular use is that of packing material. Packing Styrofoam comes in either loose form, or as "peanuts." As consumers, we use this product every day. However, it has many other uses besides those for household decorating or shipping. Styrofoam has a very low melting temperature that is why the researchers decided to melt the Styrofoam rather than cutting it. It can also be used to cut plastic or synthetic foam.

A guitar string has a number of frequencies at which it will naturally vibrate. These natural frequencies are known as the harmonics of the guitar string. Guitar string can be made of Bronze Wound the most common guitar string, the Phosphor Bronze Wound is a bronze string with phosphor added to the alloy, Silk & Steel is a special design string where the unwrapped strings are plain steel and the wrapped strings have a thin steel core surrounded by many nylon filaments and then wrapped with silver plated brass windings, Nickel Plated a string consists of nickel plated steel wraps around a steel core, Pure Nickel a string consists of nickel wraps around a steel core. Due to the pure nickel content and Stainless Steel is defined as a steel alloy with a minimum of 10.5 or 11% chromium content by mass.

The researchers decided to make a research/experiment that would help the environment by maximizing the use of their resources and by making recycled materials useful. Another reason why the researchers chose this experiment was so that they may help provide new business opportunities in the industry of Styrofoam carving/modeling.

Statement of the Problem
The researchers aimed to study if it is possible to make Styrofoam cutter made of guitar sting and other recycled materials.
Specifically, this study seeks to answer the following questions: 1. What are the materials that can be used in making a Styrofoam cutter? 2. Does the product function properly?
3. How will the finished product made or guitar string and other recyclable materials be effective in terms of being a Styrofoam cutter : 2.1 Quality and
2.2 effectiveness?
4. What would be the advantages and disadvantages of the product over the other cutting materials? 5. How could this product make a change in the society?

Statement of Hypotheses
Sub – Problems| Null hypotheses| Alternative hypotheses| 1. Would the materials be eco friendly?| 1. The materials that are needed are...
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