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Topics: Pricing, Pearson product-moment correlation coefficient, Customer relationship management Pages: 8 (1583 words) Published: November 28, 2012
Note : This paper contains fifty (50) multiple-choice questions, each question carrying two (2) marks. Attempt all the questions. 1. In which competitive structure, under industry equilibrium, Price = LMC = LMR = LAC = LAR condition prevails? (A) perfect competition (B) monopoly (C) monopolistic competition (D) duopoly 2. In the Cobb - Douglas production function, given as, A K a Lb , the sum of a b is equal to : (A) 10 (B) 100 (C) 1 1 (D) 3. In the equation pertaining to National Income, Y C S , the excess of income over consumption is depicted by : (A) Y (B) C (C) Y S (D) Y C 4. The long-run average cost curve takes the shape of : (A) Saucer (B) Inverted Saucer (C) Cone (D) Inverted cone 5. The four functions of infrastructure development under the PPP mode, namely, “Construct, Run, Possess and Sell-off” are popularly depicted by the acronym : (A) CRPS (B) (C) (D) 6. BOOT BOOM



TEAM Organization synergy implies (A) More than proportionate growth (B) Less than proportionate growth (C) Constant growth (D) Constant fall The two-factor model of motivation theory was propounded by : (A) Herzberg (B) Victor Vroom (C) Porter - Lawler (D) Maslow An approach to study of organizations that looks at an organization as composed of many inter - related parts making up an integrated work is : (A) Functional approach (B) Group approach (C) Systems approach 3










(D) Oligopolist approach An organization design that treats the human resources as limited in capability and expects them to just confine to given roles, may be called as : (A) Organic design (B) Proactive design (C) Functional design (D) Mechanistic design The laissez - faire leader is also known as : (A) Democratic (B) Autocratic (C) Free - reign (D) Tree - trunk Under the present conditions and trends, which of the following statements is perhaps the most appropriate : (A) Human resources are expensive, while technology is cheap (B) Human Resources are expensive as Technology is (C) Human Resources are cheap as technology is (D) Human Resources are cheap, while technology is expensive BARS, Intra - mural activities, Bedeaux plan and golden handshakes, respectively, refer to certain aspects or components of : Retirement (P), Performance Appraisal (Q), Wage determination (R) and Welfare measures (S) as grouped in : (A) PQSR (B) QSRP (C) QRPS (D) PQRS High potential, but low performance employees may be branded as : (A) Stars (B) Question marks (C) Dogs (D) Answer sheets The ultimate remedy for disposal of an industrial dispute is : (A) Joint management council (B) Conciliation (C) Voluntary Arbitration (D) Adjudication The opportunity to be heard given to every parts to a dispute is necessary as per the principle of : (A) Mutual justice (B) Mutual benefit (C) Natural benefit (D) Natural justice In the valuation model, V C1 / ke g , the growth factor, “g” is assumed to be : (A) (B) (C) (D) Rising Constant Falling


Zero When discounted cash flows, instead of undiscounted cash flows, are used in payback period computation for a project, the resulting pay-back period is : (A) Longer 4











(B) Shorter (C) Unaffected (D) Varying The market beta is always : (A) 1 (B) 1 (C) 1 (D) zero Of the two similar firms of the same risk-class and with same operating income, one employs debt capital of Rs. 50 mn. Given the tax rate of 30%, the value of the all-equity firm shall be poorer, compared to that of the levered firm by : (A) Rs. 15 mn (B) Rs. 150 mn (C) Rs. 1500 mn (D) cannot be said A credit policy of 3 30 , net 60 days, implies an annual interest rate of, taking 360 days‟ year : (A) 90 % (B) 180 % (C) 18 % (D) 36 % Multilevel marketing links (A) Producers, intermediaries, wholesalers and retailers (B) Producers, wholesalers, retailers and consumers (C) Producers, retailers and consumers (D) Producers and...
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