Fmc Green River vs. Fmc Aberdeen Final Analysis

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Fmc Green River vs. Fmc Aberdeen Final Analysis

By | Jan. 2006
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U5 IP - FMC Green River vs. FMC Aberdeen Final Analysis
Kenneth Daily is the site manager for FMC Corporation's Green River facility. He listened to a team of employees that described their visit to the FMC Aberdeen plant and the unusual operating procedures they had seen. After listening to the team of employees he wondered if Green River would be able implement the operational procedures of the Aberdeen plant to work in whole, in part, or not at all. He also wondered if there were some parts that would work; how would he be able to implement them. In order to see if Kenneth would be able to implement the organizational structure of the Aberdeen plant we have to look at both facilities and look at their similarities and differences. First, let's get a little background information on each the Green River facility and the Aberdeen facility. The FMC Green River facility is a large underground mine. Green River has two plants in operation. One completed in 1953 and the second one completed in 1970. Green River's function is in the chemical industry. FMC Green River employs more than 400 people. Green River has over 100 customers and distributes their products worldwide. Green River has several products lines. And lastly, Green River also has a union. (Clawson, 2005) The FMC Aberdeen facility is an under factory roof facility. Aberdeen has only one facility at its location. Aberdeen is a fairly new plant. Aberdeen's function is in the defense systems. Aberdeen currently employs only 100 people and only has one single customer- the United States Navy. Aberdeen has only one product line. Finally Aberdeen has no union. (Clawson, 2005) The two facilities are obviously different in many ways. Although there are very visible differences, will Kenneth Dailey still be able to incorporate some or all of Aberdeen's organizational structure; or maybe not at all? There are many things that are important when structuring an organization. There are many...

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