FM Transmitter Design Report

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  • Published : May 10, 2013
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FM Transmitter

Design Report

Project Team: Dec06-01

Iowa State University-Senior Design

Faculty Advisor
Dr. John W. Lamont
Prof. Ralph E. Patterson III

Team Members
Grant Blythe
Tony Hunziker
Luke Erichsen
Jacob Sloat

Disclaimer Notice:
This document was developed as a part of the requirements of an electrical and computer engineering course at Iowa State University, Ames, Iowa. This document does not constitute a professional engineering design or a professional land surveying document. Although the information is intended to be accurate, the associated students, faculty, and Iowa State University make no claims, promises, or guarantees about the accuracy, completeness, quality, or adequacy of the information. The user of this document shall ensure that any such use does not violate any laws with regard to professional licensing and certification requirements. This use includes any work resulting from this student-prepared document that is required to be under the responsible charge of a licensed engineer or surveyor. This document is copyrighted by the students who produced this document and the associated faculty advisors. No part may be reproduced without the written permission of the senior design course coordinator.

Date Submitted
May 3, 2006
Table of Contents

List of Figures ii
List of Tables iii
List of Definitions iv

Executive Summary1
1. Introduction Materials3
1.1 Problem Statement3
1.2.1 General Problem Statement3
1.2.2 General Solution Approach3
1.2 Operating Environment4
1.3 Intended User(s) and Intended Use(s)4
1.3.1 Intended User(s)4
1.3.2 Intended Use(s)4
1.4 Assumptions and Limitations5
1.4.1 List of Assumptions5
1.4.2 List of Limitations5
1.5 Expected End-Product and Other Deliverables6
2. Approach and Product Design Results7
2.1 Approach Used7
2.1.1 Design Objectives7
2.1.2 Functional Requirements8
2.1.4 Technical Approach Considerations and Results10
2.1.5 Testing Approach Considerations11
2.1.6 Recommendations Regarding Project Continuation12 2.2 Detailed Design12
2.2.1 Inputs13
2.2.2 Processing14
2.2.3 Outputs20
2.2.4 Overview schematic21
3. Resources and Schedules21
3.1 Resource Requirements21
3.1.1 Personal Effort Requirements22
3.1.2 Other Resource Requirements24
3.1.3 Financial Requirements24
3.2 Schedule of Tasks26
4. Project Team Information28
4.1 Client28
4.2 Faculty Advisors28
4.3 Team Members29
5. Closing Summary30
6. References31

List of Figures

Figure 1: Block diagram of device systems13
Figure 2: PIC16F873A Microcontroller16
Figure 3: Rohm BH1415F17
Figure 4: Data Packet Diagram18
Figure 5: Transmission Frequency Encoding19
Figure 6: BH1415F Package and Dimensions19
Figure 7: VIM-404-DP-FC-S-HV20
Figure 8: Overall circuit schematic21
Figure 9: Gantt chart of expected project flow and time span26 Figure 10: Revised Gantt chart of expected project flow and time span27 Figure 11: Gantt chart of schedule of deliverables27
List of Tables

Table 1: Original personal effort time table22
Table 2: Revised personal effort time table22
Table 3: Original other costs24
Table 4: Revised other costs24
Table 5: Original product cost analysis25
Table 6: Revised project cost analysis25

List of Definitions

FCC: Federal Communications Commission

Gantt chart: a schedule showing the specific tasks of a project, start dates, and completion dates.

LCD: liquid crystal display

MP3 player: digital music player, (i.e. ipod)

Satellite radio: subscription radio signal sent via satellite, (i.e. XM radio, Sirius radio)

Transmission frequency: The frequency at which the device is transmitting the FM modulated signal to the FM radio.

Wall wart: AC power transformer designed to plug into a...
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