Fm Radio

Topics: Bangladesh, Radio, Frequency modulation Pages: 3 (1374 words) Published: October 13, 2012
As ten year-old Ranjan runs to Khaleda Hossain with a pen and paper, there is an unmistaken spark in his eyes. He has been planning what to write all morning. ‘I am dedicating Habib’s Meye tumi to amar… to my little brother. It’s his birthday on Sunday,’ says Ranjan smiling. ‘He is back in Sylhet with my father and I hope this makes his day!’ Ranjan’s mother works in Khaleda’s house as a maid. It was Khaleda who introduced Radio FM to him and since then he has dedicated two songs. ‘I waited for my turn and I was so happy to hear my name. I also get to write about people I like and things I enjoy doing!’ A household name today, Radio FM has reached out to almost everywhere across the country- be it in the posh areas or remote villages, it’s everywhere and as time passes, these private radio stations are here to stay. Although, FM has been immensely popular in a number of countries for more than a decade, Bangladesh was yet to take in this unique form of entertainment. Indeed, one may argue that radio stations did have their presence in Bangladesh for years, but rarely did it cater to the needs of the young and the old, the rich and the poor, the enthusiasts and the serious ones. Over the last years, the FM stations have introduced a brand new life style for the city dwellers. ‘Gone are the days when a CD or cassette are the only means of entertainment, tune into the radio and you have it all,’ says eighteen-year-old Ramshad. The FM channels have certainly managed to capture the attention of the people all over and have certainly injected an element of thrill and excitement into their daily lives. ‘The concept of FM channels has always fascinated me. I always wondered why no one started a radio station. The FM stations are doing a great job in providing entertainment to the masses and it has certainly brought a change in my lifestyle’says Prio, a student of BBA in UIU. ‘Radio Today FM 89.6’ started its 24 hour broadcast on September 15 of 2006. The station turned...
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