Flyover Project

Topics: Project management, Construction, Project Pages: 3 (692 words) Published: June 23, 2011
The Flyover Construction Project is being carried out to ease traffic congestion in the city. It has a six month maximum time frame due to an upcoming international summit being held in the city (Liverpool DQ 2010). For the duration of the main construction process, the route would be closed down and another route would be found for commuters to help keep them safe from construction hazards, and at the same time help to speed up the project since the commuters would no longer be an obstacle. All these must be accomplished within the first two weeks of the project start date. Within the first four weeks of the project start date, the project plan including the flyover design and layout and all construction plans must be made, analysed and approved in order to meet up with the six month deadline. A schedule network analysis which is achieved by using a project schedule network diagram would be used in this project to help mitigate risks (PMBOK, 2008 cited in Liverpool, 2009). The entire construction process must be completed by the end of the fifth month and the area painted and thoroughly cleaned up within two weeks of the construction finish date. A trial opening of the flyover should be accomplished by the sixth month, traffic signs should also be placed at appropriate places and any changes and alterations must be swiftly made before the end of the sixth month. For this project, a variety of resources would be required to ensure the successful execution of the project. Resources can be said to be assets such as people, equipment, physical facilities, or inventory that have limited availabilities, which can be scheduled or leased from an external source (Wysocki, 2009). Resource management involves controlling the resources that the project requires. It is very important in putting together a project schedule. A project must be broken down into tasks from which the necessary resources may then be determined according to the required task (Sanghera, 2010). In...
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