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  • Published : June 18, 2012
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What would you need to do to safely get your 10 year old nephew, Jimmy from Hamilton, Ontario to Sydney Australia?
• Assume your sister and brother in law have gone to Australia to look for jobs. They have left their ten year old son in the care of your parents who live in Hamilton, Ontario. They call and excitedly tell you that they have both found jobs but they need to start work immediately, so neither of them can return to Ontario to pick up their son. They ask you to make arrangements for Jimmy to be flown to Sydney, Australia where they will meet him. Assume that the logical route for Jimmy is an Air Canada flight from Toronto to Los Angeles, an American Airline Flight to Honolulu, and then a QANTAS flight to Sydney Australia.

• Map out the physical transportation required. Note borders. Consider any documents required.
• Think about and note the information flow and the finances required

Typically all that would be required is to have Jimmy carry his passport and 1 other piece of identification. When you get to the airport you would need to obtain a Request for Carriage Form which is attached to an envelope with the letters UM on the front which means “Unaccompanied Minor”. In this envelope there would be information regarding: * Your child’s identification and flight number,

* The name(s) and contact information of the person (s) who will meet your child at his destination and the authorizing signature of the child’s parent or guardian

The envelope would remain in the care of the airline travel agent and serve as a document holder for your child’s passport, airline ticket, emergency numbers, and customs documentation.

Even after the agent has taken Jimmy, I would still have to wait at the airport until the flight leaves.

The fee for this is right around the $100 mark.


I phoned all 3 airlines that were used in this example. Each one told me that they do not allow a child to have transferring or...
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