Flyboys: Great World War

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  • Published : February 23, 2012
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Wesley Ward

James Bradley’s book, Flyboys is a great book that tells a great story. If you’re interested in world war two, this might be a good book for you. It not only tells a great world war two story, but also tells a great story of a few courageous young men who were known as flyboys, which was what they called pilots in world war two. The book tells about their small town teenage lives and background and how they came to be in the Navy. It tells about their education and their social lives. Their names were Jimmy Dye from Mount Ephraim, New Jersey, Floyd Hall from Sedalia, Missouri, Marve Mershon from Los Angeles, California, Warren Earl Vaughn from Childress, Texas, Dick Woelhof from Clay Center, Kansas, Grady York from Jacksonville, Florida, Glenn Frazier from Athol, Kansas, and another flyboy whose name still remains unknown. Flyboys were a very important part of the war and it’s something that not a lot of people appreciate. Their missions were very dangerous, not only because they were flying some of the first fighter planes, but also because of the enemy. At the time of the war, flyboys became the BA frontline that arguably, the world revolved around completely. Mostly because they were put to good use in the war, like the dropping of the atomic bombs, that was a flyboy thing. Not battleships, or submarines, or soldiers on foot. That was all flyboys. The Japanese hated flyboys so much that when they captured them, they were tortured brutally. The book also tells about Japan’s long, drawn out rise to power from 1849 to 1941. In 1940, Japan took control of French Indochina and joined Germany and Italy in the Axis powers. This led to larger conflicts with the United States and Great Britain who both reacted with an oil boycott. The Japanese also took control of almost the whole coast of China and committed a lot of war crimes on the Chinese people in the process. In December 1941 Japan used their flyboys to get to us. They attacked...
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