Fly High with Sti College Angeles

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Fly High with STI College Angeles


July 11, 2012 – 10:15 A.M… (1st Semester of S.Y 2012-2013)

It is her second week in her new job as a Marketing Officer; Ms. Eleanor Pineda is very enthusiastic while checking the STI College Angeles Strategic Plans for 2012.

“It has been eight (8) years that STI College Angeles is not achieving the projected number of first year students that must be enrolled each school year, not to mention that the shortage is majority half of what is projected. This is alarming Madam.” – Eleanor Pineda

“That is correct and it is disturbing in our end. We have been working it out to hit and surpassed every year’s projection, however the competition with all the colleges and universities around Angeles City makes the competition stiffer. As you can observe, we are located in a market saturated with lots of tertiary schools which also offers diverse courses.” – Ms. Rowena T. Selom, Administrator - STI College Angeles.

“This will definitely serve as a challenge to you Eleanor as a newly hired Marketing Officer. You will be in-charge in initially encouraging fresh graduates of secondary level to be part of our school, and promoting our identity within the circle of Pampanga. My faculty can be of help in internal marketing, for we make sure that all professors and instructors are qualified and meet all the requirements as set by CHED and TESDA. This is to ensure that quality education is being given to our students.” – Mrs. Avelina A. Pena, Academic Head – STI College Angeles.

“Thank you Madam, I will surely be needing helpful hands for me to materialize the projection of the school.” – Eleanor Pineda

“Competition gets stiffer, The City College of Angeles will become one of our greatest concerns, since according to the news I have heard, the construction of its building (classrooms and laboratories) will be fully utilized by second semester of this school year. It might even compete well with Holy Angel University and Angeles University Foundation, because hearsays is that it will offer affordable tuition fees like all other government initiated colleges. Indeed, we should watch that scenario as well.” – Mary Ann Canlas, Finance Manager.

A moment of silence engrossed the room…

“Oh.. before I forget, I would like to remind you that our monthly meeting for July will be on Friday next week (July 20, 2012) together with our President, Mr. Condrado M. Dayrit. Eleanor please continue looking at the concerns we have on falling to achieve our projected number of new students each year. Kindly formulate ideas and recommendations that would help STI College Angeles sustain its existence, profitably.”

“I’ll give my best Madam, and present only the best.”, this statement was followed by a confident smile and a wink.

Everyone separated path and work accordingly...


SYLLABUS, Inc. Background

SYLLABUS, INC. (Symbol Sciences Languages and Laboratories for Business, Incorporation) was established with the purpose of bringing to the country side the fast emerging Information Technology. The company believed that through technology the Filipino youth can become truly globally competitive. Sharing the same vision for the Filipino youth, thru franchise agreement with Systems Technology Institute (STI) the first STI school in Pampanga was opened. In February 12, 1987 at Evangelista Bldg., Mac Arthur Hiway, Angeles City (now located at Agson’s Bldg., Mac Arthur Hiway Balibago, Angeles City). Through the constant change in the industry STI diversified its product slowly integrated itself into education industry as a school that provides boundless career opportunities through ICT-enhance, non-IT programs such as the B.S in Business Administration and BS in Hotel Restaurant and Management.

STI College Angeles branch was the pioneer franchise of SYLLABUS, Inc., and because of the passion of Mr. Condrado M. Dayrit to continuously be a...
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