Flu Shot

Topics: Vaccine, Influenza, Influenza vaccine Pages: 4 (1522 words) Published: May 18, 2013
Jessica Tello
Period 3
English 12
Mr. Montanaro
February 29, 2013
Flu Shot or Not
Walking around a tiny school can be pretty hazardous. Everyone who walks around seems like they are in perfect condition, but sometimes even the sickest look the healthiest. Being surrounded by a small amount of people every day sounds pretty dandy. In reality, being surrounded by people can be dangerous because at a tiny school students are constantly sick. Once one person has the flu, everyone else starts to catch it. It is like a rumor suffusing around the whole school! When I was younger my father told me that receiving the flu shot sometimes causes us to become infected with the flu. He also mentioned that the flu shot is not always one hundred percent effective; instead there are natural remedies to substitute the shot. My mother on the other hand disagrees. She always told me the benefits for receiving the flu shot include: the vaccine prevents the flu, there are absolutely no side effects, and neglecting to take the shot can be life threatening. Until now neither side has convinced me to choose their side. People need to make their final decision after considering all the information about the flu shot.

The flu shot has been unsuccessful in proving that it prevents individuals from catching the flu. Scientists have verified that the flu shot is "not one hundred percent effective" when it comes to eliminating the flu virus, according to Dr. Aviva Romm. Romm is the author of the article, “6 Doctor-Recommended Tips for Preventing the Flu” which claims that people choose not to take the flu shot because it is “only fifty percent effective and can cause the flu”. The vaccine only works half of the time, and sometimes instead of preventing the flu it can actually cause it. This is pretty ironic because are we not trying to avoid it? Vaccines can be inefficient and sometimes people do not know the truth about the flu shot. The article, “Flu Vaccine-Think Again”...
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