Flowers vs Weeds

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Weeds vs. Flowers
   Many people see weeds as weeds and flowers as flowers, but they never take into consideration the things that make them so different and similar. Flowers and weeds all have their own garden and emotional aesthetic values. Preparing food also holds some similarities and differences between the two. These flowers and weeds, although simple at first, also hold some value of medicinal uses. There is more to know than a simple vase for flowers and a trash bag for weeds.   

      The most known differences between weeds and flowers are by far the customs we attach to their beauty and value. If you love someone, you’ll get them roses, it’s simple. For those of us less likely to know the difference, a handful of weeds would not suffice. Much like the value we put into a fragile stem and petals, we also have to put our time and love into them as well. Flowers take time to grow, along with mulch instead of dirt, and they have specific growing and watering conditions; whereas weeds simply grow anywhere at any time, no matter how much you ignore them and loath their existence in your garden. Although there are the similarities that create the make-up of the two, they have a stem, petals, scent and their own defenses. The main difference though, is how much time and effort we put into raising a beautiful flower, and the time and effort we put into clearing our landscape of the vermin we know as weeds.  

            Throughout history, seeds, stems, and leaves of both flowers and weeds have contributed to human cookery. The culinary use of flowers dates back thousands of years to 140 BC. Many cultures since then have incorporated flowers into traditional foods. Many ancient oriental dishes commonly made use of daylily buds, and the Romans are well known for their use of violet mallow in many recipes. Italian and Hispanic cultures gave us stuffed squash blossoms, while Asian Indians still use rose petals in many dishes today. Though their...
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