Flower Fed Buffaloes

Topics: Poetry, Rhyme, Alberta Pages: 2 (574 words) Published: March 29, 2013
The poem “Flower Fed Buffaloes” by V. Lindsay is a short text set on the prairies of America in old days. It is about “Flower Fed Buffaloes” where the old days take pass and that the buffaloes did not live there because locomotives has taken over the prairie, where buffaloes were. Three key techniques used by the poet were alliteration, metaphor and repetition. They were effective because they helped me understand the theme. The theme is the buffaloes prairies have been taken over by the modern day technology and have killed them. Metaphor was one key technique used in this poem which was effective because it created a vivid image of the buffaloes on the prairies. The metaphors also helped me understand the theme of the poem. The metaphor “locomotives sing”, implies the trains make a noise that is more joyful than the buffaloes but really the noise is not. The trains could be seen as a living creature but they are in fact replacing the real living creatures, the buffaloes. “They bellow no more”, the metaphor helps the reader understand that progress has reached the prairies and the once powerful buffalo have been affected by the power of industrialisation. The metaphor “swept away” creates an image in the mind that the buffaloes are swept away and pushed out very quickly by the settlers. The buffaloes are seen as rubbish and getting killed from the settlers with the industrialisation and locomotives. Alliteration was of another kind of key technique used it the poet drawing the readers in. In the poet on line four the words “lie low” are used to describe the prairie flowers are being cut and removed from the machines. In the last two lines of the poem these words change to “lying low” to describe the Indian tribes either hiding in the remote places. They are suffering from the impact of industrialisation and the new way of lie brought about by progress. Just like the buffalo, the Indian tribes are also “swept away” from the prairies. The nature is powerless...
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