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There is a lot of room for creativity in a table arrangement. The table is a great stage to tell a story through the use of candles, statuary, musical instruments ...any objects that have meaning for you. You can convey a theme for the occasion using memorabilia or traditional decorations. The buffet table lends itself to an elaborate still life of flowers, fruits and vegetables. Create a centerpiece still life where you can’t tell where the decorations end and the food begins. Centerpieces

The placement of centerpieces fall into three main categories: 1. The arrangement is placed in the center of a table with guests seated all around. [pic]
2. The arrangement is placed at the ends or at one side of a table [pic]  [pic]  [pic]

3. The arrangement is seen from three sides and is designed for buffet tables where no one is seated, but where food and beverages are served.

[pic]  [pic]
In the first category, the arrangement is created to be viewed from all sides. It is fairly low, below chin level, so diners can see each other. Focal flowers are placed throughout the design and a few line flowers extend above eye level for contrast. Candles should be either very short or very tall so they don't block conversation or isolate guests. In the second category, where the floral arrangements are spaced at the two ends of a long table or where one bouquet occupies the center of one side of a table, the size of the arrangements can be much larger. They occupy space normally occupied by one seated guest. Since there are no individual place settings at a buffet, the floral composition should be in scale with the size of the table and the amount of food being served. A very large buffet table may use a large arrangement place in the center towards the back with two smaller ones echoing the colors and style of the main design at either ends. SHAPING UR FLOWER ARRANGEMENTS

All good flower arrangements have 'pleasing proportions' which means it looks comfortable within the size, shape and style of container. If you are showing a single perfect bloom in a bud vase then you can disregard all but the first rule. These are the basic rules for good flower arranging:

1. Low arrangements should be a little wider than their container. Tall arrangements should be 1 1/2 to 2 times taller than their container. 2. If your arrangement has a theme choose or make a container big enough to hold your arrangement. 3. Put enough oasis in the base to fill it up level with the top of the container. Cut off any that goes above the lip of the container. 4. Imagine an invisible outline of the shape you want to create and chose which side will be the front of your arrangement. 5. Choose your tallest and widest flowers and arrange them in your container first within the outline of your chosen shape. 6. Fill in around the base and lower part of the arrangement with more large blooms. 7. Working up and outward user smaller blooms or filler to fill in the arrangement. 8. Use the smallest blooms, foliage and filler to hide stems, oasis and the edge of container. [pic]



There are 2 kinds of balance; asymmetrical where the 2 sides don't match but appear to have equal weight or strength to our eyes and symmetrical where the 2 sides are nearly identical. [pic]
If your arrangement looks like it's about to tip over then, visually, it isn't properly balanced. Good balance can be achieved following a few simple rules:
1. The bottom half of the arrangement should be BIG enough to support the weight of the top. 2. The left side should have the same amount of interest as the right side. 3. Leave a little more s p a c e around anything you want to stand out. 4. Keep it simple. Don't overd esign your arrangement: too many types of flowers will look messy.  

Remember how well-balanced plants look in the...
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