Flow of Communication in the Workplace

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The Flow of Communication in the Workplace
Communication is an inescapable aspect of human life. The transfer and exchange of information takes place anywhere and everywhere, be it at home, on the streets, and/or in the workplace. In educational management, communication is the ultimate key to a successful academic institution. Therefore, the flow of communication must be suitable and favorable to all members of the organization.


The academic field is the kind of workplace that must be productive since education is necessary for the realization of the professional aspirations of any person. A desirable flow of communication within an educational organization would result to a well-performing work force which would eventually lead to globally competent products.

Generally, the flow of communication should not be monopolized into a single direction. Upward, downward, and/or horizontal flow of communication must be utilized, depending on the needs of the organization. Each and every member of the organization must be given the opportunity to be heard regardless of rank or level as long as democracy and freedom of expression is exercised responsibly. Professionalism and ethical conduct should be kept constantly in mind to prevent academic chaos.

Every academic institution has its own distinct system of communication. The members of the organization may or may not agree with these systems. These disagreements create a negative environment and, thus, factions arise.

For communication to be effective, all kinds of barriers must be avoided. This is to prevent the receiver from misinterpreting the message of the sender. It is essential to an organization for communication to be precise. Miscommunication would result to the downfall of the institution.

If the flow of communication in the workplace is harmonious, the organization will flourish and the whole institution will achieve progress. The administration, the faculty, the staff,...
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