Flow Chart and Total Quality Management

Topics: Management, Operations management, Quality assurance Pages: 6 (2056 words) Published: January 17, 2011
The management of resources which produces and delivers products and services is operation management. The part of an organization that is responsible for this activity is the operation function. And the people responsible for managing some or all of the resources which makes up the operations function are known as operation managers. It is worth noting that in some organization the operations manager might be called by other name (Morton 1999). In this work I have selected the private sector services, quality issues, roles of an operation manager and operation performance using the Co-operative foods. Part 1

For the first part, I have selected the private sector services which will involve the opening of an account in a United Kingdom bank. I will draw a process map of opening a NatWest Student Account at a local branch. Process mapping involves describing the processes in terms of how the activities within the process relate to each other. Process mapping symbols are used to classify different types of activity. And although there is no universal set of symbols used all over the world for any type of process, there are some that are commonly used (Slack et al 2010). One important advantage of using a process map is that it provides an opportunity for each activity to be challenged thoroughly in as a means to improving the process (Slack et al 2010).

| | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | PART 2
Introduction I have decided to select Quality issues option in opening of an account in the United Kingdom. Taking the operations view, a consistent conformance in meeting customer’s expectations is known as quality (Floob 1993). This tends to imply that the satisfaction of a specified need is important. The ability of ensuring that a service or product meets or conforms to the specification is a key operations task. It is also important to understand quality from the customers’ perceptive due to the reason that, whatever the customer perceives the quality of a particular service or product to be is the quality of that service or product (Kehoe 1996). The level of fit between what customer’s expects and customer view of the product or service is known as quality. Quality characteristic for opening account in a Bank see appendix 1 Therefore, the customer should benefit from the value the bank has promised to deliver depending on the type of account opened (saving current account). Also the queuing time should not be long as some customers can get upset and leave as indicated on the process map (this can also involve the time taken from entering the bank to the time the customer complete the process and leave the bank). In addition, the bank must be reliable in its promises for example cheques and cards should be sent via mail within 7 – 10 working days as promised because quality is whatever a customer perceives it to be. Furthermore, the ease at which a problem is resolve is also an important characteristic of quality in opening a bank for instance if there is an error in customer details it should be corrected with ease. The futures of the account open package is also important for example the application form should be made simple so customers can complete it without require any help from an adviser as can be seen from the process map.

Setting quality standards
Operations managers set quality standard to check performance when they have identified how quality standard can be measured. Quality standards are the level of quality which defines the boundary between acceptable and unacceptable. This standards needs to be appropriate to the expectations of the customers. Bank manager’s needs to take into account the feedback or comments by customers to find out if quality is not up to...
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