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To begin, since the early 1930s the United States has been doing business nationally and internationally. Over time the business world has significantly advanced both technologically and the way a company conducts their processes. Even though the business world has become such an advanced process, companies are continually looking for ways to improve their business. Within one of the largest shipping companies in the United States called FEDEX; research will forecast a way to improve the company’s process. Using FEDEX’s shipping data, productivity, and time can help improve the company’s growth, customer retention, and profit margin. Each business week the company’s schedule and arrival time for each delivery is important in the way packages and the quality of service were picked up and delivered from customer to customer. In evaluating FEDEX’s daily processes the data that is collected is used to analysis each step in the process and how it is used. The processes are used to identify each step in which the packages are processed once received. Each process control looks at potential bottlenecks within the data to design a flowchart for FEDEX. Creating a flowchart that examines potential bottlenecks is important because bottlenecks actually does harm to a company’s process because “it limits the capacity of the process” (Chase, Jacobs, & Aquilano, 2006).

To continue, the delivery time of each package depends on the driver. When a company is mapping out their drivers daily schedule it is important for the company to not overload the driver with packages that they know may not be delivered before the end of the business day. Even though there may be other factors that may come into play in the delivery process such as weather and traffic, but FEDEX still needs to evenly distribute the delivery schedules to each of their drivers. When a company takes these factors into consideration and create a plan around it, then it can eliminate a process that is slow and...
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