Florist as a Career

Topics: Want, Flower, Event management Pages: 2 (715 words) Published: June 29, 2010
‘A thing of beauty is joy forever.’ One of them is flowers. The sweet smell of flowers enhances the aura and ambience of the celebration. Flowers are one of the most important parts of decoration for any occasion. They add a natural sweetness to the whole mood of celebration. So, how about choosing a career that allows you to spend all of your time with the lovely flowers!! Being a florist proves to be a wonderful career option for people who love to be around nature. It feels great to see multiple mixed emotions on the face of people who visit you to buy flowers for different occasions- be it birth, wedding or death. All you need is perfectness of creative imagination to mould the requirement of the occasion to a unique, beautiful floral pattern. SKILLS

The job of a florist is not a child’s play. Not only one requires love for flowers but also complete knowledge of the uses of different flowers. You need to be efficient and quick enough to immediately react to the customer’s requirement and use suitable flowers and color combinations as per the occasion. This job also requires a lot of physical strength as this job starts early and requires lifting things from here and there. You also require a lot of innovativeness as this is the only criteria on which the customer will judge your capability. NATURE OF WORK

A florist has to deal with the flower vendors and suppliers daily and take the right quality of flowers. He has to maintain the freshness of these flowers and decide the selling rate of these flowers. He has to meet the clients who come to give the orders for weddings, parties, funerals and other celebrations. He must have good listening and interpretation skills to attend all types of customers without panic. He also needs to give valuable suggestions to the customers for taking care of the flowers and foliage. In today’s times, you also need to complete the orders placed on phone or through internet. He also needs to work when others want to enjoy like...
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