Florida V. Anthony

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v. anthony

Florida v. Anthony
On may 24, 2011 Casey Anthony was brought to trial for the murder of her daughter Caylee Anthony. Casey Anthony’s was charged with First-degree murder, Aggravated child abuse, and providing false information to law enforcement. The prosecutor in this case was Linda Drane Burdick, who said that Casey wanted nothing more to live the single woman’s life of partying with her boyfriend, and going to clubs. She hadn’t had a job in years, but lied to her family about going to work. The prosecution argued that Caylee was becoming too old, and would soon be able to speak and tell on her, though it was a shocking theory.

Jose Baez was Casey Anthony’s defense attorney, had to convince the jurors that Casey, who has been found guilty in court in the publics opinion for years, was not a murderer, but it was a different story. Casey Anthony didn't fail to report her daughter missing because her daughter was never missing at all. She really died in a tragic swimming pool accident, one that the entire family was complicit in covering up. The story is that Caylee Anthony died on June 26,2008, when she drowned in her family’s swimming pool. As soon as Casey came around the corner and when back, she say George Anthony (her father) holding Caylee in his arm. Casey immediately grabbed Caylee and began to cry, and shortly after George began to yell at her, telling her she would go to jail for child neglect for the rest of her life.

Jose Baez proceeded to say Caylee wasn't murdered, but had died in a common way of drowning in the pool, which is the number one way children die in Florida. He then tried to lay the groundwork to explain Casey’s strange behavior while Caylee had been “missing” was how the Anthony family was dysfunctional, where he alleged that Casey’s father had molested her as a child and gave Casey an odd and detached way of dealing with her reality. He then took the prosecutions main weapon, Casey’s tendency to lie, and made it...
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