Florida State University's Mascot: Derogatory of Native Indian Tribes

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  • Published : October 4, 2011
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English 104

October 3, 2011

Ethos, Pathos , and Logos

The material I have selected to analyze is “Bonding Over a Mascot” on page 632. This essay remonstrates that the Florida State University’s mascot, the Seminole, is a derogatory representation of a certain Native Indian tribe called the Seminoles. The school mascot represents the era when the Seminoles and United States were at war. For some this mascot connects the past history of Seminole culture and Florida State’s sports, but for others it creates a disputation of Native American stereotypes.

I believe pathos is the predominate rhetorical device in this article. Pathos is the use of emotional appeal to engage and impact the audience. The author uses pathos by discussing what the school mascot means and how it relates to the Indian tribe. One of the main voices in this article is a student named Toni Sanchez, Sanchez is a student attending Florida State University with Seminole ancestry. The statue fills Sanchez with pride as she believes the mascot portrays a time when the United States Army tried to dismantle Native American tribes but amongst the odds the Seminoles stood strong and never surrendered. She states, “Every time I look at it, I get really giddy inside. I’m so proud of it.” Sanchez has used her own emotional context to persuade the audience that the mascot statue is not discriminating, in that the statue depicts the strength and determination of the Seminoles as they were being forced out of their native land. Another example of pathos used in this article is a statement issued by Joe Quetone, an executive director of the nonprofit Florida Governor’s Council on Indian Affairs Inc., “Things fans do are outrageous and ridiculous.” Joe is arguing that the cheers and celebrations that FSU displays at sporting events do not accurately represent the tribe and that they are stereotypical of all Native American tribes.

Overall the use of all...
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