Floor Cleaning Process

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A. Floor Cleaning Process

B. Stripping/Wet Scrubbing Procedures

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G. Floor Cleaning Process


Stripping is the elimination of embedded dirt, oil and old layers of floor finish and sealer. The process completely cleans and prepares floors for the application of new coats, floor sealer or floor finish ( wax ). Floor stripping products are used for this purpose.

Supplies and Equipment Needed:

MopMop Wringer
Hand GlovesFloor Stripper or
PolisherWax Remover

|Steps |Procedures | |First, clear the area of dirt and spots so that the dirt/soil will|Sweep or vacuum the floor thoroughly. Remove sticky deposits or | |not be absorbed by the stripping solution. |material with a putty knife. | |Place a caution sign to prevent slips on the floor. |Place the sign in the working area “Wet floor, watch your step”. | |Prepare the stripping solution. The dilution will depend on the |Mix 1 gallon of floor stripper to 4 gallons of water in a bucket, | |degree of soil. Heavy soil needs higher dilution. |for every floor area of 250 square meters. | | |Dilution sometimes varies for different types of stripper. Read | | |the instructions on the label. Dip the mop on the solution. Do not| | |squeeze the mop. Spread the solution and cover the whole area. | |Soften the old film to make stripping easier to accomplish. |Spread the solution on the floor with a mop and let it be absorbed| | |for 10-12 minutes. | |Scrub the area thoroughly from the farthest to the nearest. |Use a floor machine with an abrasive pad or brush, depending on | | |the type of floor. | |Pick up the softened and suspended film, dirt and soil. |Use a mop or use a wet-dry vacuum. | |Rinse the floor thoroughly. |Remove all cleaning solution, using a clean mop. Use a different | | |mop for rinsing. Make sure the coats are even. | |Let the floor dry completely. |Once dried, the floor is now ready for the application of wax or | | |floor finish. |


1. In case of particularly stubborn residuces (example: in the commercial sector) use undiluted if required.

2. Do not allow stripper to dry out on the floor. For this reason, work in sections.

3. Before stripping floor coverings (e.g., rubber flooring), check for color and material fastness at an inconspicuous spot. If necessary, dilute Stripper even more and apply several times using a short standing time.

4. Wear rubber gloves during use and ensure that the rooms to be treated are well ventilated. Do not spray sensitive surfaces (e.g., wood,...
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