Flood Control

Topics: Water, Rain, Hydrology Pages: 1 (328 words) Published: October 19, 2010
Expierence has shown that every time we have a heavy rain fall ….a large sections of our base get flooded by rain water. Some time …just like today most offices in the Well system, OWS and Petrotesting also get flooded. This morning while it was raining we had to cut off electric power supply to the OWS and Petrotesting sections of our base as the level of the water in the offices was high enough to cover some electrical power suckets on the walls. Also back in my own office I observed some fluctuating voltage surges which led to the loss of power supply to my computer. It is my beleif that these high voltages are some how associated with the heavy rain falls and it attendant flooding. Today the safety man and I took a tour of the facility and its immediate environs with a view to finding a solution to this problem. Solutions:

1. Complete the drainage system at the back of our base to ensure that any water running off our base get taken safely away to a faraway reservoir. 2. Seal off all drainage outlets from our base …this is to ensure that water from any external sources do not find its way into our base. Build a sump/skimmer pit at the very end of our facility and incorporate a discharge pump (low pressure high volume pump) to drain water from the skimmer pit when ever the water level begins to rise above a set point. We have no control over the first option…as the road/drainage project behind our base belongs to the government. However we can implement the the second option . We can bring in architects to come up with viable designs that comform to acceptable stardards and specifications. Note that this is a mere proposal….It is my belief that now wevé started thinking about it….. somebody may come up with a better solution than the ones above.
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