Flight or Fight Response

Topics: Fight-or-flight response, Epinephrine, Adrenal gland Pages: 3 (886 words) Published: October 21, 2012
Flight or Fight
Specific Purpose: Inform people about the “Fight or Flight” response and the better understand the way the body responds to certain stress. I.Introduction: Driving your parents home one night you begin to lose control of the car and crash. You're able to escape the car unharmed, but notice one of your parents are stuck inside with the door jammed and the car on fire. Your heart rate begins to rise and you feel this surge of energy flow through your body. You react and rip the door off the car and save your parent. This may sound like a story off a movie, but could and has actually happened in reality for some people. The surge of energy that allows our bodies to do extraordinary and unreal things is called adrenaline. This adrenaline comes from the body’s response, which is called the “Fight or Flight” response. Today I’m going to inform you about the chemical adrenaline, what the fight or flight response is, and how it is both good and bad for us. A.Attention Getter: I’m going to use a narrative introduction, which involves loved ones in distress. B.Relevance to Audience: Everyone will want to know how the fight or flight can be activated and also everyone experiences stress throughout their lives. C.Thesis: What is the chemical adrenaline and the fight or flight response and also what are the pros and cons. D.Credibility: I experience adrenaline in sports every day and have done many research papers on it in High School. E.Preview Main Points: The main points include what adrenaline is, what the fight or flight response is and what the pros and cons are. F.Transition to First Main Point: So what’s adrenaline? Most of you might already know about it and may have experienced it in your life. II.First main point. The chemical adrenaline.

A.Adrenaline is a chemical reaction that is produced by two adrenal glands, located by kidney.( Harrison) 1. The glands produce the chemical and pump into the bloodstream when the body is exposed to...
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