Flight of the Phoenix

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Flight of the Phoenix

By: Kole Stambaugh

The movie starts out in the early 1930’s, flying an older plain through the desert. They lose their radio along with voltage regulator, they are heading for Benghazi. Lew Moran forgets to tell Frank Towns about a loud or squeaky pulley in the starboard side of the plane, so Frank must have a look at it. As they are flying they get caught in a bad sand storm and loose both engines due to sand getting in there carburetors and such losing power. Frank Towns or the pilot of the aircraft decided he should put the wheels down as without doing so would make the plane totally in operable to fly again. When he finally puts the plane down along the way a few straps holding some heavy items breaks and kills two of the men in the crash. It also crushes the one guy that was sitting in the back. When they crashed, they were a little over a hundred miles off course and not only that they didn’t have any radio to signal for help. Everyone is curtain that there will be in some way air support that will come and find them. Group Dynamic and Impact of Team Roles

In the beginning when the plane initially crashes Frank Towns is very sad and heartbroken it seems as he was the one that killed the two men, and also severely injured another man. But before this he takes leadership and tells people what they need to do and how to do it. Lew Moran was trying to calm down Frank and keep him under control. Captain Harris is the one that gets everything organized and all situated out. His two main concerns were to have flairs at all times and also the water supply at which they will need to conserve. At the beginning Heinrich Dorfmann and Dr. Renaud don’t really say much nor do much. But it seems as though that Heinrich Dorfmann is doing a lot of reading and drawing on some papers. A few days into being stranded out in the middle of the dessert some things have changed over the main characters and here is what has happened. Frank Towns gets very upset with Heinrich Dorfmann and views him as to young and too stupid to do anything. As for Captain Harris he really shines and is trying to figure out alternatives at how to get rescued in their time of need. The other man are just staying back and not really saying too much that is important. I believe around 5 or 6 days that they are stranded in the dessert Heinrich Dorfmann and Frank Towns has some works because Heinrich has designed a much smaller plane that will be able to carry all the men to safety. He has also informed them that it will take 12 days to complete and they must all work at night. Frank Towns gets very upset at this because they only have roughly 4 to 5 days of water left, no were near enough water for the 12 days needed to make another plane. Heinrich then told Frank that he could make a still and this would create water for an additional 6 days. Also Captain Harris and the guy with the monkey decide to go and find help. Frank doesn’t think it is a good idea because they are walking to their death beds. The guy that has some mental issues gets very upset because the captain will not let him embark on the journey to find help. So when no one was watching he left to follow the two other men. Frank Towns decided it was upon himself to find the man and bring him back to camp. But when frank found him there were birds on him and he was dead. He walks back to the camp alone and very sad at loosing another man. After all this Frank Towns is pressed at what he should do, and has a little talk with Dr. Renaud, and he said that these men will work for something they believe in. It will be much harder for them to just sit around and die then actually have hope and work their butts off to build another airplane. It seems apparent to me that Frank Towns doesn’t like other people telling him what to do, and Lew makes this very clear to him. So the next...
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