Flight of Eagles

Topics: World War II, Germany, Adolf Hitler Pages: 1 (397 words) Published: January 16, 2011
Jack Higgins Flight of Eagles tells the tale of two brothers during the Nazi Reign in World War II. During the start of the war nations were persuaded to choose a side, but for Harry and Max Kelso, there fate had already chosen for them. Separated at the age of seven, the brothers have now grown up to become the top fighter pilots the world has ever witnessed. Harry with the British RAF and Max in Germany’s Luftwaffe. As the war fold’s out Harry and Max will be confronted with the most challenging of choices. The use of archetypes that occur through out the book involve brotherhood. The bond of brothers that sticks with Harry and Max through out the war no matter how far apart they may be. The hero, Harry and Max are both top fighters on there nations side and are men to look up to. They set an example for the other fighters, each with the highest kill count, setting a standard for others to live up to.

The bond of the two brothers is a significant element in Jack Higgins Flight of Eagles. The brotherhood in the book lie with the two brothers Harry and Max Kelso. With the passing away of the brothers father, the two brothers were separated, Harry remaining with his grand father in America and Max leaving for Germany with his mother. 10 years pass, the brothers now 17, Max obtaining the title of Baron Von Halder, after his mother and has joined Germany’s Luftwaffe. With the German invasion of Poland, World War II had officially started. With the start of the war Harry had every ambition to fly and to take after his father, he instantly joined the allies fighting for the fins. Two years pass, Harry now with the British RAF and has gained the rank of Lieutenant colonel. The first example of brotherhood that occurs in Flight of Eagles is when Harry Kelso is on a mission escorting a number of bombers when they are intercepted by 3 ME109’s (German aircraft). Harry easily takes out the first one but before he fires on the second one he gets hit on his starboard...
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